Eggy crumpets: Jamie Oliver's recipe with halloumi is perfect for brunch

Go on, treat yourself to eggy crumpets this weekend. Jamie’s recipe uses crumpets for an upgrade on eggy bread

Fried eggs
(Image credit: Gabriel Gurrola/Unsplash)

Hands up, fans of eggy bread. Us, too, but how about eggy crumpets instead? When Jamie Oliver shared his recipe for them on Insta we wondered why we’d never tried swapping bread for crumpets before. We obviously weren’t alone and it got a huge thumbs up. 

Now that we’ve made the dish, we can report that it’s every bit as delicious as we’d thought it might be. Not only do you get the super delicious crumpets, but a fried egg on top, a fresh salsa, and a bit of oozy halloumi. Thanks, Jamie!

Want to give this brilliant brunch a try yourself? Scroll down to take a look. You can check out our guide to how to fry an egg, too, and if you like halloumi, you’ll love how to cook halloumi.

  • Jamie Oliver’s halloumi eggy crumpets are on his IGTV. We’re sharing the tips we found particularly useful, plus a few of our own, below.

5 top tips to make Jamie Oliver’s halloumi eggy crumpets

1. The beauty of crumpets? All those lovely holes for the egg to get right into. Jamie makes sure he dips them thoroughly into the beaten egg so they can soak up plenty, and wipes them round the eggy plate just before they’re fried for good measure. You can pour more on top ones the crumpet is in the pan.

2. Jamie’s dish is egg-tastic. Not only are the crumpets eggy, but he fries an egg alongside them in the pan to top the crumpets off with. Aside from in this dish, we’ve fallen for Jamie’s method of frying eggs in olive oil rather than butter. It’s healthier and it’s tasty. 

3. While all the egg action is going on, Jamie makes a salsa. His includes cherry tomatoes (various colours recommended), some chilli sauce, a pinch of sea salt, a squeeze of lime (lemon’s an alternative), plus coriander. We love this speedy method, but we also tried it using fresh chillies, which we deseeded, for even more colour on the plate.

4. Also in Jamie’s salsa? Avocado. It needs to be ripe, he advises. How to tell? The squeeze test can be tricky, so we’ve taken to checking the bit of the stem that’s left on the fruit. If you can’t remove it easily, the avocado isn’t ripe yet; if it comes off and the underneath is green or yellow, it’s ready; and if it’s gone a bit brown, then the avocado is probably over-ripe. 

5. Last of all, Jamie creates the delicious halloumi topping for the dish. With the eggy crumpets on a plate crowned with the fried egg, he grates halloumi into the frying pan still on the heat and lets it turn golden. Meanwhile, he mixes up the salsa ingredients and adds them to the plate. The halloumi will melt enough to make a delicious lattice that can be slid from pan to a board, then placed on top of the eggs. Definitely a step worth including, we say, especially if you want to show your brunch off on Insta.

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