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Our Underfloor Heating systems are connected to a number of heat generating appliances. Whilst fossil fuels have been used traditionally, renewable energy sources are increasingly being adopted. Harnessing the most abundant source of energy – the sun, heat pumps extract solar energy which has been absorbed by the air, the ground, rivers and lakes.

A heat pump provides an economical and environmentally friendly method of heating. It makes you independent, it cuts down your heating costs and it is high technological and almost totally maintenance free.The benefites of heat pumps are:

At Incognito underfloor heating in Scotland we have our own team of highly trained installers and underfloor heating technicians who will be able to answer any queries you may have prior to and during installation. The same skilled team will also provide you with excellent after-sales support, giving you complete peace of mind for the future of your system.Having our own design team means that we can be flexible during the design stage and can quickly accommodate any alterations to the layout and other requirements as they are specified by the architect, builder or client.