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Thermalime is the insulating lime plaster. It comprises of chalk, a St Astier lime binder, fibres and a naturally formed insulating component. This unique mix provides an element of thermal insulation to the interior or exterior of buildings, without losing the breathability and visual beauty of a soft lime plaster.

Thermalime is sufficiently versatile to use either externally as a render or internally as a plaster.

This unique product benefits from being:

Lightweight – making it ideal for ceilings

Breathable – essential to eliminate the risk of damp

Flexible – meaning it can cope with the natural movement of a building without cracking

Durable – because of its speed of set, it has an added freeze thaw protection over other lime plasters and renders

Quick – it can be applied one day and finished the next

Easy-to-use - simply requires the addition of water before being mixed and applied either by hand or spray applied with Rendergun

Thermalime had a lamda value of 0.1372W/(m.K) (Thermal Conductivity test in accordance with BS EN 12667:2001).

How does this compare?

  • Sheep's wool insulation - 0.040
  • Thermalite Blocks - 0.11
  • Thermalime - 0.1372
  • Wood - 0.16-0.25
  • Other insulating lime plaster available - 0.18