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Often used as a grand entrance staircase design, helical staircases do not have a core pole instead they follow a gentle flowing arc.  The tread radius can be wider on this style of staircase making them easier to ascend or descend.  

Curved stairs can vary in style. They can be oval or elliptical in shape or made in a spine beam format with the treads fixed to a long central beam running underneath the stair treads. Concrete curved staircases can be poured on site or made from pre-cast concrete treads created in the factory.

Spiral UK’s curved staircases are custom built in steel but there are a wide range of materials available to suit any interior design. Materials like corten, concrete, timber and stone have been used on past projects.

Helical or curved staircases fall under BS 5395 Part II so if you are considering this style of stair for your building project this is the standard that Spiral UK will comply with.

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