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The searches for industrial-style interiors have increased over the last few years, putting the focus on the raw and unfinished style. If you’re looking for industrial-style lights that use high-quality materials, then Industville’s range of lights are perfect. Handcrafted and designed in the UK, Industville have a wide range of stylish lights that have the ability to transform your entire interior.

Photo credit: Blenheim suite by Heritage Bathrooms @seaandwander

Lighting plays a crucial role in interior design; the right light has the ability to transform a room completely. Retro lighting is the perfect addition to any space, as it gives the décor a unique twist. Industville understands the need for versatile, high-quality and affordable lighting, which is reflected in all of their products, including their Orlando range.

The Orlando range from Industville focuses on all things vintage, combining a rustic, antique look with modern chic for a beautiful finish to complement any space. The rustic looking Orlando lights come in two of their finishes – Pewter and Brass, giving you the option to select a finish that best fits in with your décor.

The Orlando Pendant provides the perfect vintage lighting solution, cascading light evenly across the space to add a touch of grandeur to any interior décor. These lights shine particularly bright when hung as a cluster, creating a feature that will certainly not go unnoticed!

Exposed filament bulbs have also become increasingly popular over the last few years, adding a touch of warmth and nostalgia, these types of bulbs look perfect in home interiors as well as commercial interiors. The Orlando range allows you to showcase these retro-style statement bulbs to create the ultimate interior.

If you’re looking for a rustic-style light that looks good with modern, sleek interiors and classic contemporary interiors, then the Orlando range will work wonders in your décor.

You can view Industville’s Orlando range here.

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