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Location: Midlands, Shropshire, South West, Gloucestershire, All UK & Northern Ireland

Clearview Stoves is the largest dedicated manufacturer of clean burning wood stoves in Britain. Since 1987, we have been designing, developing and manufacturing exceptional stoves from our impressive production facilities in the beautiful Shropshire hills. From being the very first UK company to have a multifuel stove certified for use in smokeless zones, they have gone on to build an enviable reputation, with customers as passionate about our stoves as we are, and so often being told ‘it’s the best home purchase we have ever made’!

A pleasure to use

Clearview Stoves are a pleasure to use! They are extremely easy to light; burn for long periods unattended (even over night), offer an exceptionally large view of the fire through double-glazed ceramic glass windows, and burn so efficiently that frequent cleaning is unnecessary. They really are clear view by nature! Their controlled combustion requires much less air than an open fire and eliminates drafts and heat loss associated with open fires, which are only 10% efficient. In contrast a Clearview stove is over 70% efficient.

Good for the home and good for the environment.

The benefits of installing a woodburning stove are usually dramatic. Not only does it free you from the fear of power cuts but it will quickly becomes the primary heat source, typically halving the central heating requirements, and provides a beautiful and enjoyable focal point. Burning oil, gas and coal is like spending the earth’s savings, and, it’s changing our climate! Wood is one of the most sustainable of all fuels. In choosing it to heat our homes we pick as near perfect carbon neutral source of energy whilst helping to ensure the long-term future of forests, and the animals and plants living in them.

The Complete Solution

The Clearview range offers a stove to suit every situation, each being available in 6 colours', a variety of styles and with heat outputs from 5kW up to an impressive 14kW. Many of our stoves have a boiler option, the larger ones are capable of running a central heating system and can be directly connected to an external air supply, enabling them to conform to recent building regulations.

Clearview’s installation and product knowledge is unequalled in the industry and we stock thousands of accessories and flue components. With a network of approved Stockist’s around the UK, you are never far from sound advice and the ability to see for yourself just how efficiently they burn, how good they look and how you can save money.

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