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Telephone: 01787371524
Location: All UK & Northern Ireland

Strippers Paint Removers was founded in 1974 to develop effective products and systems for removing paint and other coatings. Over time the company has pioneered many of the processes and techniques which have become standard paint removal practice in building conservation and renovation. Our products are used on projects which range from the nation’s most well-known buildings to the humblest cottages as well as in the aviation and transport industry.

We manufacture a range of specialist paint removers. Selecting the right product for each job is paramount. With the right one for the job in question, it is possible to completely remove virtually any paint or coating from virtually any surface - without damaging the surface. To ensure selection of the most suitable product either use our Product Selector on our website, or call us on 01787 371524.

Alternatively you can send a sample to us and we shall test it for you free of charge. Please see address details on our website.