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Howarth Windows & Doors are working with one of the world’s most valuable renewable resources. Continuous support for the environment is a prime concern for them, which is why Howarth ensure that all timber used in their windows and door sets, in addition to any other wood fibre-based products, is obtained from well-managed, sustainable sources. Howarth achieved full chain of custody status during 2006. This mechanism allows tracking of certified material from the forest to the final product to ensure that the wood, wood fibre or non-wood forest produce can be traced back to certified forests.

Wood is one of the most traditional and trusted resources available today. Over the years, Howarth Windows and Doors has worked hard to refine, improve and develop the possibilities of this most versatile of natural materials.

Using European Redwood as the cornerstone of all Howarth products. New techniques of laminating timber, combined with modern construction methods, place Howarth among the leading UK manufacturers of high performance windows and doors. Their extensive range is the preferred choice of architects, specifiers, housing developers, contractors and merchants throughout the country.