Canon PIXMA TR150 inkjet printer review: a compact buy for home use

We review the Canon PIXMA TR150, a petite but durable on-the-go printer

Canon PIXMA TR150 inkjet printer
(Image credit: Future)
Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy setup via WiFi

  • +

    Small, travel-friendly size

  • +

    Portable battery

  • +

    Can also be used for color photo printing

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No scanner

  • -

    Lacks double-sided printing

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Setting up a home printer no longer requires untangling numerous cables and reading lengthy manuals. Technology has advanced to give us smarter printer options that are not only fast and wireless but portable enough to take anywhere we go.

One of those smart, space-saving options is the Canon PIXMA TR150 inkjet printer. With its simple setup, you can print documents and photos within minutes, whether you are using your computer or smartphone. We've rounded up our choice of the best small printers in our guide.

Promising us a portable printer with seamless connectivity, we tested out the Canon PIXMA TR150 to see how it holds up for personal and business use. Is it time to bid farewell to clunky printers that take up far too much space in our homes and offices?

Canon PIXMA TR150: key specs

  • Dimensions: L12.7 x W7.3 x H2.6in (closed); L12.7 x W12.1 x H9.7in (paper installed)
  • Weight: 4.5lbs/5.1 lbs with the LK-72 Battery Pack
  • Print technology: Inkjet
  • Screen: 1.44in OLED display
  • Page format: Up to A4
  • Pages per minute: up to 9.0 ppm (black & white); up to 5.5 ppm (colour)
  • Print resolution: 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, USB Type-C (computer only), Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Double-sided printing: No
  • Scanner: No

Canon PIXMA TR150 All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer

(Image credit: Canon)

Canon PIXMA TR150: set-up

With a closed size only slightly larger than an A4 sheet, the Canon PIXMA TR150 printer can fit within even the smallest storage solutions at home. We set ours up on top of a home office shelving unit, but it could be even stored in a desk drawer if you wanted to keep your workspace clutter-free.

At first glance, and after having used a significantly larger home printer prior to this, the Canon PIXMA TR150 looks more like a game console than a printer, which is a bonus if you’re after a clean, minimalist look.

You will notice that the printer’s power cable is positioned on its right side, not on the back as it is for most home printers. Although the cable plugged into the printer is not bulky, it is still something to consider for your cable management or for purely aesthetic purposes.

The inks came already installed in our test unit, but when you first set up yours, lift the cartridge bay lid to install the print head, followed by two ink cartridges – one for color printing and one for black-only.

Depending on the device you use, be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you have a few options to connect to the printer. If you use a computer, you can download the driver software from the Canon website or use the enclosed CD. After that, connect the printer directly with the USB or use one of the WiFi settings on the menu, depending on your Internet setup. 

For Android and iOS smartphones and tablets you can find the printer so long as it’s connected to the same WiFi as your printer. For additional features,  download the free Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app but you can print without it, too. Considering how temperamental some printers can be, the Canon PIXMA TR150 felt like a breath of fresh air to set up.   

The printer also comes with an attached battery - you can buy it without one - that you can charge with USB, making it convenient for personal and work trips. The only downside is that you cannot charge the battery separately and it must be connected to the printer unit.

Canon PIXMA TR150 inkjet printer

(Image credit: Future)

How does the Canon PIXMA TR150 printer perform?

Once you have connected everything, you can print your files directly from your computer folder or through the smart device app. The printer almost instantly receives the printing request and shows progress on its screen, as well as its ink levels, which is handy.

While great for space-saving, there are some compromises. Unlike larger printers, the front paper flap is small and doesn’t hold the paper as it comes out. You need to have it on a flat surface and with enough space for the printed paper, otherwise the paper will fall down. 

The paper tray feels a little flimsy, too. We found that sometimes if the paper was not inserted properly, the printer doesn’t notify, and you end up with slightly askew prints. Not a major issue but if you want to use it for photo printing, that’s ink and one sheet wasted.

The print quality was good overall. Documents had crisp, clear text with deep black ink, while color photographs on Canon's Photo Paper Plus Glossy II were more than adequate for a printer that hasn’t been designed to compete with professional photo labs.

If you want to tweak the print settings, such as selecting borderless or bordered printing or changing the paper size, you can do most basic functions using the app or directly from your computer file. But, if you use photo paper and want to get the colors spot-on, you may need to use more advanced software that has options for print calibration. 

One issue we noticed while printing from a smartphone was the printer needed the app to be open until the end of printing. On two occasions, having opened another app while the Canon print app was working in the background, the printer released the paper without finishing the job – not great if you’re multitasking using one device.

Canon PIXMA TR150 inkjet printer

(Image credit: Future)

Design features of the Canon PIXMA TR150

The sleek Canon PIXMA TR150 design comes only in black, but considering its small size, it will hardly be a prominent feature of your home or office. Its monochrome OLED display is equally as small and blends in with the printer’s dark look. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a touchscreen nor does it tilt up.

We placed the printer in easy reach in our home office because of the plug socket nearby. But, if you don’t print on a daily basis, you may find it more convenient to not put it on display at all and store it away in a drawer to avoid gathering dust. You could tuck it away in even the smallest of workspaces.

Even if you don’t need to travel afar, the printer’s portability can come in handy around the house. Do you want to work on some documents or designs in front of your TV or on the kitchen table? Take the printer with you. Don’t have a free plug socket? Attach the battery and you are good to go. 

Canon PIXMA TR150: our verdict

While the printer lacks double-sided printing and scanning capabilities which would make it a great all-in-one solution, the ability to easily slide it into your bag and travel without any cables is appealing. The same goes if you have limited space – or don't want to clutter your home or office - but still have to print occasionally. 

There are cheaper Canon inkjet models available but none of them are as compact or portable as Canon PIXMA TR150, which are its main selling points. If you want to save space and may need to print on the go, it’s worth the premium. But, if you need a more robust personal or business use printer with additional features, like scanning, you’d be better off opting for a more comprehensive model.

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Anete is a freelance writer and product reviewer in the tech industry, ranging from photography software to home living products for a modern lifestyle. As a self-taught photographer, she is always on the lookout for smart home and business devices that are user-friendly and don’t take a genius to figure out. When she is not working at her desk, Anete can be found creating artistic projects and looking for ways to make her home smarter and more organized.


Anete is a freelance writer and product reviewer in the tech industry, ranging from photography software to home living products for a modern lifestyle. As a self-taught photographer, she is always on the lookout for user-friendly smart home and business devices that don’t take a genius to figure out. When she is not working at her desk, Anete can be found creating artistic projects and looking for ways to make her home smarter and more organized. For Real Homes, Anete has reviewed some small printers to go in our ever-popular buying guide.