Season 4 of 'You' is here, and we're obsessed with the vibes of Joe's new apartment

Get the London look

Joe from You sitting in his dark academia apartment in an armchair
(Image credit: Netflix)

After a long wait, the eagerly-anticipated fourth season of Netflix's You has finally arrived, and I'll be honest: between all the murder and mayhem I've come to love from Joe Goldberg (don't worry, no spoilers here), I was pretty distracted by the killer look of his luxurious, library-inspired apartment decor

Penn Badgley as Joe from You in a dark academia themed moody kitchen

(Image credit: Netflix)

Each season of You takes place in a different location, and we see Joe's home evolve as he moves from New York to Los Angeles to the suburbs of California, and now finds himself in London. Although his apartment's South Kensington setting isn't *exactly* realistic for a man on the run who is also on a budget, the decor does feel very fitting for bookworm Joe. 

If you're feeling inspired and want to bring the dark academia-meets-British museum vibes to your space while you wait for the second half of the season to drop, scroll on.

Dark academia decor

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