*whispers* The Aldi radio looks like a Roberts Revival but it's £120 cheaper (we won't let on if you don't)

The retro-look Aldi radio is back: it looks like the Roberts Revival we all aspire to, but it's at a discount supermarket price

Aldi radio
(Image credit: Aldi)

Since we heard news that the Aldi radio is going on sale today for... wait for it... £29.99, we've all been dreaming of how vintage chic our kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms are going to be looking come this evening. 

The retro look radio (that's a cheeky take off of the Roberts Revival, in our opinion), is being sold in gorgeous colours and with the leather-look exterior, brass detailed speaker and that iconic handle. Did somebody say 'Christmas presents, sorted'?

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Reka DAB & FM Radio, £29.99

Aldi's retro radio two cutouts

(Image credit: Aldi)

We've got to admit, we'd be happy just putting this piece on display to give our interiors a vintage kick (we won't tell anyone it's from Aldi if you don't).... But it's not just a pretty face! The Reka Radio combines retro design with modern technology (and a crazy low price) to make one of the best bargains we've seen this year.

Aldi radio

(Image credit: Aldi)

It's available in the plain colours (top), the dotty version, plus there's a floral design, too.

Let's talk function, shall we? Ok, it's got an alarm and sleep function, it has LCD display with a backlight and also can be charged either with batteries or with any old AC charger. Plus, it has DAB and FM radio (20 stations) as well as Bluetooth! Kinda seems like the Reka Radio has it all, aye? Make sure you get down to Aldi so you don't miss this amazing deal.

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