Where to find Clorox wipes in stock today – shop them while you can

We've successfully hunted down Clorox wipes online, along with more great products to keep your home clean

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If you're looking for Clorox wipes, you've come to the right place. Since the start of the pandemic, these disinfectants wipes have been really hard to get hold of. They are one of the quickest and easiest ways to clean your surfaces – killing germs as you go – so no wonder they have been selling out fast to people looking to protect their family from coronavirus.

So, we have been tracking the availability of Clorox wipes over the past few weeks to make sure you can get your hands on them. We then share the best places to find them in stock so that you can get home of them at the best prices – see, you can save time, money and keep your home clean. Some stores have plenty of stock online ready for delivery, and others you can click and collect. 

Here's where to get Clorox wipes (or disinfectant wipes) in-stock on May 18, starting with online, and moving to in-store, below.

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Where to find Clorox wipes in-stock online

Clorox 150 wipe 2-pack | $12.09 at Instacart

Instacart is becoming one of the most reliable places to find them as it checks their availability at a number of stores. We found this two pack of Clorox wipes available in our area and several other zip codes so take a look and find them near you.View Deal

Shop all departments for Clorox wipes below:

Clorox sprays, bleach and disinfectant

If you can't get the wipes, use neat product and reusable cloths, sponges and brushes to clean instead. Yes, Clorox Wipes are quick and convenient, but these are a more readily available – and eco friendly – choice. Stock up and use these products all around the home for cleaning everything from the toilet, to surfaces.

Clorox 11 oz Bleach| $2.69 at Target

Buying bleach online can be tough right now, but we did manage to find this pint-sized bottle in stock for shipping at Target (but, it will still be enough to make you a couple bottles of disinfecting spray!) Note that it (like most household items) only ships with $25 orders.View Deal

Clorox Toilet Cleaner, 25oz in Fresh Scent | $2.31 at Staples

Order for next day delivery and keep your toilet squeaky clean. You can also choose the auto-restock option so that you never run out. Staples are currently running free delivery with no minimum order limits.View Deal

Clorox Clean Up bleach spray, 32oz | $4.99 at Office Depot (click and collect)

This has sold out online, but it available for pickup within the hour from plenty of stores, so use this link to check your local. It is a versatile disinfectant spray that can be used on most non-porous surfaces so great for all round the home.View Deal

Clorox Clean Up disinfectant with bleach, 128oz | $15.39 at Office Depot

This is a great all-rounder that you can dilute to clean any surface or use neat. It busts grease and grime as it cleans and this is a nice big bottle that should last some time. Buyers are limited to two bottles per transaction.View Deal

How to find Clorox wipes in-stock online

We've been checking in with all of the major national retailers that would typically sell Clorox wipes online including Target, Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, Lowe's, Office Depot, Staples, and local grocery delivery services, and have managed to regularly find Clorox wipes in only two of those places online as of today.

The first is through grocery delivery sites like Peapod.com and Instacart. Because these delivery services work with grocery stores that are re-stocking daily, placing an order through one of these sites may be your best bet if you'd rather not shop in person. We have been able to find them at local grocery stores and add them to our cart on Instacart. Out of the 15 stores that offer delivery for our area, only a handful had wipes in stock when we checked, including CVS. (Note: it's been hard to reserve a time for an Instacart delivery, so look into pick-up options, too if you can't get a delivery slot).

The other place we've found Clorox wipes in stock online is Target. Target Up & Up brand disinfecting wipes and Wet Ones travel-size disinfecting wipes were available late last week (we even managed to get a pack shipped in under a week), so it's worth it to check the site regularly. They do sell out fairly quickly once they're stocked up.

Quick-check stock of disinfecting wipes at Target

clorox wipes

Our local Target had stock of disinfecting wipes on Sunday, April 26 at around 1p.m.

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Where to find Clorox wipes in stores

If you can go to a store and need wipes now, we suggest heading, once again, to Target. While Clorox wipes aren't eligible for free order pickup, Target.com does tell you what's in stock at your store and precisely what aisle the wipes are in so you can get in and get out fast. We also saw an entire aisle dedicated to Target's brand of disinfecting wipes when we went to our local store Sunday, April 26. There was still plenty of stock left when we got there around 1p.m., which is the first time we've seen them so readily available.

To see what's available at your local Target (and what aisle it's in), head to their website, search "clorox wipes" or "disinfecting wipes" and check the "Pickup today" or "In-stores" option under "Shipping & Pickup" on the left-hand side of the screen. You may need to search a number of stores near you before finding one with availability.

You could also download the Target app, which is incredibly handy for checking stock on products at different stores in your area since you can change your store right at the top of the app. We found Clorox wipes available at Target through our app this morning.

Since Target is re-stocking overnight, first thing in the morning is when most stores will have the best availability.

Note that Target does have a bunch of natural brands of cleaning wipes in stock, too, from brands like Seventh Generation and EverSpring but unless the wipes say "disinfectant" or "kills 99.9 percent of germs" they will not kill coronavirus.

Can't find Clorox Wipes? 

Try a steam mop for chemical-free sanitizing.

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