Where to buy Lysol spray: find Lysol spray online and in store today

Trying to find somewhere to buy Lysol spray? Disinfect your home the easy way with our round up of Lysol deals and recommendations of alternatives

Lysol spray
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Wondering where to buy Lysol spray? Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been tricky to get hold of this handy disinfectant. And it comes as no surprise as Lysol is one of the easiest ways to disinfectant surfaces, fabrics and even things like your shoes or purse after going outside. 

Lysol spray is an aerosol so unlike liquid disinfectants you can use it on a wider range of things. The CDC is recommending regular disinfecting of high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, switches, tables, handles, counters, keyboards and cellphones and Lysol makes this faster and more thorough than trying to wipe everything down. No wonder we love it and no wonder it is selling out fast.

Luckily, we've been able to find a few places where you can buy Lysol spray and other brands of disinfectant spray. As usual, we recommend you only buy what you need and avoid purchasing in bulk to allow other people to access the products, too.

Here's where to find Lysol spray – or other disinfectant spray – in stock now, both online and in-store. 

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Where to find Lysol spray in-stock online

Lysol Spray | $7.29 at Instacart 

One of the best spots to buy Lysol spray? Instacart. We have been able to find it here every day since the start of the pandemic. Click to check where it's in stock near you (it'll show you a store you can have it delivered from if it's available close by).View Deal

Where to buy other disinfectants

It doesn't have to be Lysol. As the spray is in such high demand, any disinfectant can be used for wiping down doorknobs, your cell phone, remote controls and non-porous countertops. Check out these multisurface disinfectants. You can't use them all on fabrics and textiles like Lysol aerosol, but they will work well elsewhere.

Clorox  Stain & Odor Remover Disinfectant Spray | $5.69 at Petco

Use this Clorox spray to wipe down and disinfect many of the high-touch surfaces the CDC recommends cleaning like door handles, toilets, and faucets.View Deal

MULTIPACK (12) 32 oz Spray Bottles All-Purpose Cleaner | $62.31 at MSC Industrial Supply

If you're looking for disinfectant spray for a business or health care operation, check out MSC Industrial Supply, which has it in stock by the case.View Deal

Shop all Lysol products on Amazon

Amazon stock Lysol toilet cleaner and wipes, although the latter are currently out of stock. Check back regularly to see if they have the wipes and spray back in.View Deal

Finally, like hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray is beginning to come from unlikely places. Crypton, a performance fabric manufacturer, has recently begun making the disinfectant spray it provides to its commercial healthcare clients to disinfect its fabrics available to the public. You can purchase a bottle of Crypton's deoderizing disinfectant spray here.

Where to find disinfectant in stores

Lysol Lemon Breeze 32oz All Purpose Cleaner | $2.89 at Target

Target have good stock of a few Lysol products in store. You can check online before you head out. This all purpose spray is perfect for hard surfaces and things like door knobs. View Deal

Clorox 11 oz Bleach| $2.69 at Target

Buying bleach online can be tough right now, but we did manage to find this pint-sized bottle in stock for shipping at Target (but, it will still be enough to make you a couple bottles of disinfecting spray!) Note that it (like most household items) only ships with $25 orders.View Deal

Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray| $3.99 at Target

This powerful quat-based disinfectant spay kills germs on surfaces for up to 24 hours after cleaning. It is not available online, but you can check online to see if it is in a store near you.View Deal

Or, try making a CDC-approved cleaner with bleach. 

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