What can Alexa do? Here are 5 more things your smart assistant is capable of...

There's more to Alexa than meets the eye – here are some of the things you didn't know your smart assistant could do

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At this point, we're all pretty familiar with what (or who?!) Alexa is. And if you don't already have a smart speaker to house Amazon's infamous smart assistant, you'll likely have a friend/colleague/in-law who can't stop raving about how Alexa has changed their life. Like, seriously.

But, what if we told you that the vast majority of Alexa users aren't making the most of the skills available? And that knowing exactly what Alexa can do isn't always super obvious... there are an unimaginable amount of skills on offer, all of which are designed to make life easier and more efficient, with more introduced by the day, it's pretty exciting and you deserve to be in the know.

Well, we're here today to share some of the latest skills we've discovered and implemented into our own lives. From helping you discover the best beer to compliment your food, to ensuring even the busiest amongst us can keep fit, there's an awful lot to learn. Keep scrolling to discover some of our favourite skills...

1. Let Alexa leave you feeling inspired

Leave home feeling a little more inspired, thanks to this handy skill from Alexa. To enable, simply download Inspire Me, then say: 'Alexa, inspire me' to hear fragments of truly inspirational speeches taken from throughout history and across the world.

Perfect for getting you geared up in the morning, and an easy way to discover more about the world around you. We love the idea of enabling this skill while getting ready for work. They may just give you the motivation you need to be the change you want to see in the world.

2. Use Alexa to help you keep fit (no matter how busy your schedule is)

Too busy to workout? Can't justify paying for a gym membership? 7 minute workouts is for you...

Designed to help you keep in shape, no matter how little time you have, 7 minute workouts talks you through simple exercises that can be completed at home, without the need for any gym equipment. 

Choose between low impact, standard and advanced routines, depending on your fitness level – and how much of a workout you're after – and give your body the blast of exercise that it's craving.

3. Choose the best beer to complement your dinner

Hosting a dinner party and want to make a good impression? Or simply interested in learning more about beer? Brewer's Table will help you do just that, from the comfort of your own home.

Simply open the skill, let Alexa know exactly which beer you have to hand, and listen up for suggestions as to what to serve. Simple – and tasty.

4. Get advice when you have missing ingredients 

Half way through preparing dinner and discovered that you forgot to pick up a vital ingredient from the supermarket? We all know the feeling. And if you're not super confident in the kitchen, it can be difficult to know what can be replaced with what.

Well, what if we told you that by enabling the Ingredient Sub skill, it's super easy to ask Alexa for an alternative to your missing ingredient? Genius.

5. Discover the ultimate life hacks

Knowledge is power, as they say, and life hacks have the power to make daily life easier and more efficient. Use Alexa to open Life Hacks and discover everything you never knew you needed to know.

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