'We Can't Be Friends,' Ariana Grande's new music video, has a cute home decor detail we love — copy the look from $5

If you have yet to see 'We Can't Be Friends', Ariana Grande's latest release, you've been missing out

Ariana Grande in pink at the 2024 Oscars
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"We Can't Be Friends," Ariana Grande's latest bop, has just been released, and there's a tiny detail in the music video that we absolutely love (in addition to the Evan Peters cameo, that is). Blink and you just might've missed the adorable voile curtains. 

In the four-minute video, we catch a variety of montages between the fictional couple that unfold at home. While sitting in between a lit birthday cake in the dining room à la Sixteen Candles, the couple is in the foreground of a delicate polka dot window covering that makes us swoon. 

If you were searching for small living room curtain ideas, Ari's latest look certainly has you covered. (Get it?!)

Catch the cute curtains in 'We Can't Be Friends', Ariana Grande's new video

What'd we tell ya? The song is indeed a bop and the spotted curtains are a simple yet functional way to upgrade a small living room (or another room of your choosing). Real Homes editor, Punteha van Terheyden, is totally in favor of the trend.

"Voile curtains are cheap and cheerful, plentiful in design and colors, and widely available so they make a great choice for adding seasonal drama to your space without breaking the bank," she says.

But do keep in mind that these often thin selections are stylish, but probably best placed where you don't need a ton of privacy — food for thought as you learn how to hang curtains in a rental.

"Get them as long as your wall can take, hang them high, be bold on colors, textures, or patterns, and use twice as many as the packaging instructs," Punteha adds. "So if it tells you one panel covers four feet, get two so they bunch up nicely once hung up."

Punteha van Terheyden
Punteha van Terheyden

Punteha van Terheyden is the editor of Real Homes. She loves learning how to DIY well so she can personalize the small, newly-built home she shares with her husband, daughter, and two silly feline floofs out in the quiet of the country.

What to shop

If "We Can't Be Friends," Ariana Grande's new video has won you over in the style department, here's what to shop. Be sure to have a gander at adhesive curtain rods like the TYRON Adhesive Curtain Track Ceiling or Wall Mount on Amazon, which comes in a variety of sizes. This will be a lifesaver if you're living in a rental. 

Looking for more options? We found 12 Urban Outfitters curtains that prove drapes are the unsung hero of the decor world. Even better? They start at $39.

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