Walmart deal: Snag a king size mattress for $209

This Walmart deal offers the chance to uplevel your mattress situation without breaking the bank

Slumber 1 mattress
(Image credit: Walmart)

While most of us are content with a full or queen size mattress, once you upgrade to a king size, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine going back. With ample room to really sprawl out and get comfortable, a king size bed can be a total night time game changer for couples who tend to toss and turn throughout the night—but finding a king size mattress that doesn’t break the bank can be a whole different story.

That’s where the Slumber 1 mattress-in-a-box comes in. We’re big into watching for the best deals on mattresses and this Slumber 1 on offer at Walmart is too much of a steal to let go unnoticed. Ringing in at just $209, this sturdy, deeply comfortable mattress promises to provide a much more restful and refreshing night’s sleep for anyone who considers themselves a restless sleeper.

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Slumber 1 by Zinus 8" Spring Mattress-in-a-box | Was $249, now $209

The Slumber 1 by Zinus mattress-in-a-box was made with your sleep hygiene in mind—the mattress provides top-of-the-line motion separation that makes falling (and staying) asleep easier, even if you or your partner tend to toss and turn throughout the night.

A king size mattress for $200 is hard to beat, but here are a few reasons why this mattress-in-a-box is way worth the price:

  • Includes individual spring coils for better weight distribution
  • Inventive ‘rebound technology’ allows the mattress to expand to full size in less than five minutes when opened
  • The spring mattress is constructed to adjust to your unique weight and body shape for a more comfortable sleep
  • Slumber 1 includes a 10 year warranty incase anything unexpected happens

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