Visit Samsung KX to get your hands on new tech and for an insight into the home of the future

Samsung KX showcases the real home of the future – plus there's loads more clever gadgets for browsers, the tech-curious and kids to try, too

Samsung KX
(Image credit: Samsung)

When 2015 rolled around, we were all pretty disappointed that several predictions made in Back to the Future (we're talking flying cars, hover boards and, well, time machines) hadn't quite made it onto the mainstream market. Or any market, for that matter... 

But, four years later, Samsung have come to the rescue with the opening of Samsung KX, a highly anticipated, multi-functional space that showcases the latest in smart home technology. And (in our opinion) a pretty impressive insight into the home of the future.

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Positioned under the iconic kissing point of London's Coal Drops Yard – close to Kings Cross station – the 20,000 sq ft space blends innovation with local culture to create a space rich in experience. And everyone's welcome to go along and get stuck into the tech – kids included (hint: there's a little cafe and loos there, too, which, in our book, makes it a perfect destination). 

Whether your passion is for gaming, cooking, photography, art, yoga or anything else, this space is designed to combine your passions with the latest smart technologies, providing a personalised insight into how the home of the future – or more specifically your home of the future – might look.

Specifically, the latest Samsung TVs are set up, including our favourite, The Frame (clue's in the name: it looks like a picture hung on your wall until you flick the 'on' switch). Then you can progress to the Samsung kitchen to try out the Family Hub smart fridge, among other things. There's also virtual reality race car driving (kids will love that) and a virtual reality graffiti wall, opportunities for 3D design and you can even create your own tunes on a DJ deck...

How can you visit, we hear you ask? Well the answer is super simple: you just turn up. Designed to be an informal space with a strong community focus, Samsung KX is open for the public to come and take a look around at any time. 

You may be interested to know that upcoming events include early morning yoga in their start of the art studios, a terrarium workshop (this one sounds like a bit of us), rum tasting (also a bit of us) and a series of interesting and informative talks hosted by The Guardian, so there really is something for everyone.

Samsung KX

(Image credit: Samsung)

Speaking about Samsung KX's community focus, Tanya Weller, Director of Samsung Showcase says: 'Samsung KX has been built with local heritage at its heart and this is reflected heavily in the design; right from the roof to the floor tiles. This is a destination which absolutely embodies the community of London while boasting pioneering design and challenging architectural norms. We want to be a destination of culture and innovation and that starts from the building itself. We’re excited to provide a location for the community that fuels the creativity of King’s Cross and beyond.'

So, whether you're looking for somewhere to take the kids during weekends or school holidays; are looking for an original date idea or just fancy having a nose on your own, we hope to see you in an around Samsung KX in the near future.

Emily Shaw

Emily first (temporarily) joined the Real Homes team while interning on her summer break from university. After graduating, she worked on several publications before joining Real Homes as Staff Writer full time in mid-2018. She left the brand in 2020 to pursue another career, but still loves a second-hand bargain and sourcing unique finds to make her rented flat reflect her personality.