How to sleep like tennis champion Venus Williams

For Venus, it's all about the mattress, and her newest collaboration with Ghostbed

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Tennis superstar, interior designer, and fashion designer Venus Williams can add sleep expert as part of her latest list of ventures, with a special collaboration and mattress debut with Ghostbed. 

As an athlete, this foray into sleep is really quite natural. Active recovery is one of the most crucial components for optimum performance, and good sleep is a cause Venus cares deeply about, which is where considering things like the best mattress comes into play. 

“Restorative sleep is important to me 100% of the time," says Venus. "I try to get as much as possible, 8-10 hours is my sweet spot. I really do notice a difference if I haven’t gotten a good night of sleep, it affects my energy, my attitude, and how I play – so it’s a non-negotiable!” 

In fact, Venus Williams' relationship with sleep is what led to family members nicknaming her Rip Van Winkle, after sleeping through an entire flight to Australia, Williams explained in an early video about the launch.  

Venus' forthcoming mattress collection with Ghostbed focuses on performance, recovery, and sustainability with new sleep technology called the Venus Layer, which incorporates far infrared technology to absorb body temperature and lead to better sleep. The mission: "great sleep is the fuel for peak performance, no matter what you’re trying to achieve."

"As a professional athlete and entrepreneur, there’s nothing better than waking up and feeling 100% ready to tackle the day. Sleep impacts the mind and the body, which are both keys to performance."

To celebrate the launch, Venus Williams shares her sleep tips with Real Homes for getting that great night's sleep and proves that discipline is the name of the game for getting a balanced rest.

1. Focus on restorative sleep

Venus Williams x Ghostbed Legend Hybrid

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"We used our combined expertise and experiences to create a mattress that is based on a healthy and restorative night’s sleep and allows everyone to perform at their very best," said Venus about her collaboration with Ghostbed. 

Venus put her design background as the owner of design firm V Starr and hand-picked the colors, sustainable fabrics, ticking and internal components. 

Where new legends can be made, the Venus Williams Legend mattress is available as a foam or a hybrid option for a more responsive feel.  It's the first to introduce a new Far infrared (FIR) layer dubbed the Venus Layer to help promote recovery, performance, and health. The Venus Layer is a blend of minerals infused into Ghostbed's gel memory foam to replicate the benefits of FIR therapy as the minerals interact with your natural body heat all night. Don't worry, you're still sure to sleep cool. After absorbing the heat like a sponge, these minerals generate far-infrared light and reflect it back to you, and similar to heat therapy, far infrared light penetrates deep into your skin, “warming” your muscles. FIR therapy can help with increasing blood flow and circulation, reducing joint and muscle pain, and improving temperature regulation.

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2. Find time for activity everyday

Sleep is essential for her training routine and overall performance as an athlete. "The link between regular physical activity and sleep is so powerful," says Venus. "Besides just physically tiring you out, exercise is a great stress reliever, which can help you fall asleep faster. And after a solid night of quality sleep… you’ll be ready to take on the day (and your next workout)."

3. Stick to a sleep schedule

Asutra Venus Williams

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"This will help your internal clock get used to a set routine, which can make falling asleep easier. (I’ve found this to be especially helpful while traveling!)"

She also notes that being consistent by keeping your bedroom cool and completely dark can help too.

Additionally, Venus links her skincare routine to her sleep schedule and is a big advocate of incorporating magnesium into her nighttime routine. Venus serves as Chief Brand Officer at skincare company Asutra and her go-to products are the Dream the Night Away lotion with magnesium and melatonin, to rub in an hour before bed and a spritz of the lavender and chamomile Mist Your Mood Spray before climbing into bed. 


4. Commit to a healthy and nutrient-rich diet

"This can impact everything from your brain health to your day-to-day activities and your sleep. And keep the caffeine in check. If you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, try snacking on some cherries, taking a brisk walk or making a protein-packed smoothie or shake"

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