Valspar's colors of the year have been curated to match your star sign for 2022

Are you curious to know the best new color for your horoscope?

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Valpsar has partnered with famed Astrologers, the Astro Twins, to curate the Valspar colors of the year 2022 based on your star sign. 

In September Valspar unveiled its 12 colors of the year. However, if you were struggling to choose which home decor trend to settle on between Fired Earth or Lilac Lane, the Astrotwins have stepped in to help you choose the best color for your home according to astrology. 

The Astro Twins, Ophira and Tali Edut, are the brains behind the horoscope website Astrostyle, and have authored the horoscope column for 10 years. 

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Fired Earth by Valspar

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'The 2022 Valspar Colors of the Year hit all the right notes for the 2022 annual cosmic forecast,' they explain. 'In 2022, the stars call for a calming sense of connection—to ourselves, the people in our lives, and planet.'

Picking a color for your room based on your star sign might sound a little crazy, especially if your birthday lands you on a color you think you can't stand. However, the Astro twins explain that these colors aren't permanent, they are ones that will complement your star sign in the year ahead.

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They can be used to cover a full wall, or as accents, nods to the colour that will help see you through 2022. After everything 2021 has thrown at us, we must admit we'll happily try anything to give us a turbo boost in the new year, especially if that includes filling our living room ideas with a revamped color scheme.

The Valspar color of the year 2022 for your star sign

  • Aries - Sunset Curtains
  • Taurus - Gilded Linen
  • Gemini - Grey Suit
  • Cancer - Delightful moon
  • Leo - Mountain River
  • Virgo - Subtle Peach
  • Libra - Orchid Ash
  • Scorpio - Fired Ash
  • Sagittarius - Rustic Oak
  • Capricorn - Blanched Thyme
  • Aquarius - Country Chime
  • Pisces - Lilac Lane

To appreciate the full benefits Ophira and Tali recommend focusing the color on your 'power room'. 'Every year you have a “power room,” an area of the house where you can align with the unique planetary alignment for your zodiac sign,' they explain. 

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Blanched Thyme by Valspar

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'You might be more drawn to the kitchen—which is the case for Pisces, whose passions are heating up in 2022. Or, if you’re an Aries, you may need more reflective time near water, a good reason to turn your bathroom into a freshly-painted sanctuary.'

If you are an avid horoscope reader, painting your power room in one of these colors is a great way to bring your horoscope to life. For the more skeptical among us, it never hurts to try, right?

Will 2022 be the year you embrace your star sign in your wall painting ideas?

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