We tried this sleep hack and it's transformed our bedtime routine

We tried a luxurious 5-minute bedtime ritual of turning down the bed each night to see if it helped us sleep

bed in millie's bedroom
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In honor of sleep month, we gave our bedroom the 5-star hotel treatment this week by turning down our bed every night. I pulled back the duvet, closed the blinds and generally prepped my bedroom as if it wasn't me sleeping in the bed, but some VIP celebrity.

We can all benefit from learning how to sleep better, not only because it'll improve our health (both physical and mental) but also given the heavy news right now. Obvs investing in the best mattress will work wonders, but a calm bedtime routine like this also goes a long way.

We try turning down our bed every night

millie's bedroom

Bed turned down on the third night, by which point I think I'd nailed it (although the slippers are missing)

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I set an alarm at 9pm each night to remind me to complete this luxurious bedtime ritual, but I quickly got into the groove. It was a lovely exercise that made me feel like I was looking after myself, like a proper adult.

I gave the room a very quick tidy, getting rid of any clothes lying on the floor, putting tissues/receipts/random rubbish in the bin. I drew the blinds, took the decorative pillows off the bed, and turned on the lamp. 

I brought a fresh glass of water and my book to the bedside table and placed my slippers by the bed. I also set my alarms for the morning and plugged in my phone, before plumping up the pillows and pulling down a corner of the duvet so when the time came, I could just slide in.

bed in millie's bedroom

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Then comes an important step. I left the room for at least 15 minutes so it felt like someone had done it for me. 

A couple nights I did it, then just went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, did a brief bit of skincare and then climbed into my turned-down bed. Turning down the bed made bedtime more of a ritual, and I think I'll carry on doing a shortened version.

Because I was making extra effort for myself at bedtime, it soon transferred into other areas of my life. I was taking more time for myself and going all out with a fancy frothy coffee in the morning.

bed in millie's bedroom

'Daytime mode'

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Prepping my bedroom took about five minutes, and just made getting into bed at the end of the day really nice. I'd never have usually bothered to do anything like this, sleeping with clothes all over the floor. 

I may not have been the best person to try this out, because (not to brag) I sleep like a baby. But I do think I've woken up feeling more refreshed and would totally recommend you try it.

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