Tired of food going off in the fridge? Here’s what you should do

We waste tons of food as it goes bad in our fridges. Fortunately, there are solutions

checking food from fridge
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Did you know that we throw away eight to ten per cent of our weekly food shop on average? That’s over seven tons of food every year, or around £13 billion in financial terms. 

Why do we waste so much food? Simply forgetting about what’s already in the fridge is a top reason (multiple bags of the same salad, anyone?), but not knowing how to store different types of food properly, as well as the inadequate performance of older fridges, are other common culprits. 

If you’re finding that your salad is going slimy in a day, and your veggies wilt and rot, it’s likely that your fridge’s humidity levels are out of whack. Vegetables, unlike meat and cheese, do need some humidity in order to retain their freshness, but too much will make them go off quicker than they should. 

That’s why it’s so important to defrost your fridge regularly (you can clean your fridge at the same time). Too much ice in the freezer will eventually result in ice build up at the back of the fridge with the resulting high humidity ruining your food. 

If you find defrosting arduous or can never remember to do it, though, there are now fridges on the market with no-frost technology, that is they don’t need to be defrosted. The Bosch KGN39VL3AG has this technology and even features separate zones with different humidity levels for different types of food. What’s more, it’s £60 off at John Lewis. No more slimy salad!

Bosch KGN39VL3AG Freestanding Fridge Freezer | Save £60

Bosch KGN39VL3AG Freestanding Fridge Freezer | Save £60
Not only will this fridge freezer save time with its no-frost technology, but it’s also spacious with lots of compartments, plus it looks a little bit like a spacecraft, in the best possible way. 

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