TikToker shares incredible pumpkin carving hack using a pressure washer

We can't believe how well it works!

carved pumpkin and small pumpkins
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A TikToker has shared a game-changing hack for carving a pumpkin and we can't get over it. Forget knives, marker pens and spoons for scooping out seeds - this Halloween fan blitzes theirs with a pressure washer. 

We are honestly still in shock over how effective it is - and are desperate to give it a try ourselves. When it comes to how to carve a pumpkin, you usually need the right tools and plenty of time to plan your design with a stencil. 

But this TikTok pressure washer pumpkin carving hack gives you a spooky jack o'lantern almost instantly.

pressure washer used on decking

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'Testing my hand at the TikTok powerwasher carving jack o'lantern trend,' Kiel James Patrick captions the video. 'Let's see if it actually works.' 

Out in the garden, Kiel takes their best pressure washer to a large pumpkin, and starts by drawing triangular eyes and a nose with the powerful jet of water. Next, Kiel carves out a classic zig-zag shape for the mouth.

'Wow! That was really easy! I am blown away,' Kiel says. 'That just saved me an hour of carving!'

Pressure washer pumpkin carving hack


Game changer! 🎃🧡

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The short clip has now had around 2.7 million likes and reams of comments from other fall lovers. Some questioned the technique but the TikToker insisted that it wasn't pre-cut or outlined. 

Kiel even did a second video showing the back was still intact after doing the pressure washer pumpkin carving hack. 'I did not just spend three hours carving a pumpkin to see this,' wrote one commenter.

'Wow, thank you. You just saved me an hour of quality time with my family,' another joked. As some people in the comments point out, carving pumpkins shouldn't be seen as a chore to complete as fast as humanly possible. 

kids carving pumpkins

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The fun activity is a great way get the whole family into the seasonal spirit. But if you've gone all out with your Halloween decorating ideas this year and want to get one pumpkin done fast, this could be worth a shot...

Pressure washers on Amazon make all kinds of garden maintenance tasks a breeze, and they're very fun. We've also seen people using an electric whisk to remove pumpkin seeds quickly. 

Using one for a few seconds at a time seems to make the process much easier. Would you try this pressure washer pumpkin carving hack, or will you be sticking to traditional methods?

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