This Walmart flooring gives you a realistic wood look – without the spend

Choose from three types of flooring tiles for an authentic wood look

Walmart engineered flooring
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Looking for a flooring update that looks just like wood, but without the hefty price tag? Head to Walmart, where the range of wood lookalike tiles is extensive. You have at least three options for creating a realistic hardwood flooring effect without spending a ton on this expensive material – and the labor needed to put in a solid wood floor. Vinyl tile, high density plastic composite (HDPC), and textured laminate tile will all give you a wood floor look without the heavy costs and maintenance. 

Take a look at some of our favorite flooring tiles from Walmart

Achim Tivoli II Silver Spruce 6x36 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks

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Achim Tivoli II Silver Spruce 6x36 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Planks | $15-20

Looking to update a hallway, garage, or home office, without any labor costs whatsoever? These vinyl floor planks simply peel off at the back, and then you're good to stick them on. They really do look like wood, too. We're impressed. 

Cottage 10.5 mm Thickness Engineered flooring

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Cottage Water Resistant Engineered Wood Flooring | $2.50 - $34.98

These clever flooring planks combine the best of both worlds: engineered hardwood and high-density plastic composite (HDPC). The core of these planks is HDPC, making them very durable, but also cheaper than traditional engineered wood. The top layer, though, is real wood, meaning that you flooring will feel, look, and sound exactly like hardwood floors. Click-in installation.  

Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring, Silver Oak

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Select Surfaces Laminate Flooring, Silver Oak | $89.42

The more expensive option on our list – but still loads cheaper than real wood, and just look at how realistic it is! These planks imitate the true grain and textured feel of wood – honestly, no one will ever know it's laminate. Innovative installation system makes them easy to fit. Six planks in a pack. 

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