This mattress topper is the best you can buy: here's why and where to get it

Instantly upgrade your sleep set-up with our favourite mattress topper. It's affordable, eco-friendly and can help alleviate back pain – here's everything you need to know

Panda mattress topper
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The best mattress topper adds an extra layer of cushioning that has the power to totally transform your sleep set up and can mean the difference between waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, and experiencing consistent joint pain.

And aside from providing a more comfortable place to sleep, mattress toppers will also extend the life of the mattress below and protect it from stains,  giving your mattress a whole lot of extra mileage.

Our top rated mattress topper is Panda The Topper (opens in new tab). Discover everything you need to know about it below. We've also included a handy price comparison widget if you're ready to shop now.

panda mattress topper - Real Homes love

(Image credit: Panda)
The best mattress topper: offers medium support with a gel layer for a cooling effect


Best for: Support
Sizes: Single-super king
Thickness: 5cm
Type: Gel infused memory foam

Reasons to buy

 Cooling gel layer
 Straps and anti-slip

Reasons to avoid


REAL HOMES VERDICT: This bamboo-covered beauty is bang on if you are looking to breathe fresh life into your old mattress, or want to switch to memory foam but can’t afford the full Monty.

Gel-infused memory foam mattress

At the head is its ability to relieve back and neck pain. How does it do this? The key is the design, which is actually a gel-infused memory foam mattress of 5cm thickness, and it’s this gel that brings joint pain sufferers a better night’s kip. It means the topper moulds to your body – just like a memory foam mattress – to take the pressure off your joints. 

A great alternative to buying a whole new mattress

Of course, the (huge) side benefit of a mattress topper is that rather than having to invest in a whole new mattress, you can simply add this mattress topper to your existing bed set-up instead, and rescue your aching joints without putting pressure on your bank account. Good news.

Helps regulate temperature

Right now, hot weather can make sleep hard to find or hang on to, but another reason we rate this mattress topper so highly is that the gel helps you keep cool – sweaty sleepers whatever the weather will also love this feature. Don’t worry, though, the mattress topper won’t have the opposite effect when the weather’s cold, and you’ll still stay good and snuggly on it.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic mattress topper

Another plus points for us is its eco-credentials. The bamboo from which the cover is made is grown organically and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It’s machine washable, too, which makes life so much easier.

Also reassuring is that Panda says its products are free from harmful chemicals and certified by Oeko-Tex, which means they comply with health standards and are even safe for babies.


Thanks to its bamboo cover this mattress topper is also naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite free, which is great news for those who suffer with allergies. Plus, you can simply remove the cover and place it in the wash.

Anti-slip design

Also a reason why this mattress topper is the best in our book is that it’s anti-slip, attaching to your mattress with straps that keep it in place. Yes, no remaking the bed to sort out a topper that’s moved!

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