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As a side sleeper with a very tired mattress, the Saatva Foam Mattress Topper felt like a major upgrade. The medium-firm topper is super supportive, contouring to the body’s shape to reduce pressure. Plus, it’s the most affordable among the brand’s three luxury mattress toppers, with prices from $195.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Organic and eco-friendly

  • +

    Price from $195

  • +

    Contours to the body and relieves pressure

  • +

    Can upgrade a tired mattress

  • +

    Has straps

  • +

    180-night trial

  • +

    1-year warranty

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not overly thick

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Let's get straight to it: My current (8-year-old) mattress is old and tired, much like me after a night of sleeping on it. So with this in mind, I was desperate to try out a mattress topper — and I was slightly skeptical whether this would work as I reaaaally didn't want to switch out my entire mattress (yet). Let me tell you that this impressive topper did more than upgrade my mattress. I've never slept better since rolling it onto my bed, and I really can't believe how affordable it is, too.

We're on a mission to test a bunch of the best mattress toppers at Real Homes, and we're splitting this load between the team so that we can trial all types of toppers — including cooling mattress toppers — and get a good idea of just how good they are. Because we all sleep in different positions and have different sleep issues, don't we?

So, until I get a bigger bedroom and can afford a larger bed, I won't have to upgrade my mattress — all because of the Saatva Foam Mattress Topper. As a side sleeper,  this topper offered just the right amount of support I needed and I honestly felt like I was sleeping in a hotel for the two weeks I tested it. It also has straps to ensure it fits on your mattress and doesn't move around, plus I am that person who moves around constantly in the night so I can confirm it was comfortable in all sleep positions. Total winner. 

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This topper is made of 1.5-inch-thick high-density polyurethane foam, with a naturally breathable and moisture-wicking organic cotton cover. The foam is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to be low in volatile organic compounds, and therefore free from off-gassing odors. Yay. 

Saatva claims that this *pretty impressive* foam contours your body in any sleep position. As someone who suffers from frequent stress along with insomnia that can keep me up literally all night, pressure-relieving support is exactly what I needed. Starting from a reasonable price of $195, this topper is much cheaper (and much less hassle) than buying a new mattress. Here's what I thought...

Saatva Foam Mattress Topper Review

TDLR: What I thought of the Saatva foam mattress topper

The foam mattress topper is noticeably supportive, with a medium-firmness and a 1.5-inch depth. Generously sized elastic loops at the corners make it easy to fit on an existing mattress without a struggle and keep the topper on securely without slippage. I found this Saatva topper to have the capacity to turn an old mattress, like mine, into an impressive sleep surface without the expense or effort of getting a whole new one. Honestly: I slept better than ever. 

Testing the Saatva foam mattress topper

Saatva foam mattress topper review

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Reviewed by
Alesandra Dubin

Hi, I'm Alesandra, a professional product tester who has been writing about lifestyle topics for more than 20 years, with bylines in Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Insider, Prevention, Travel + Leisure, and many more. Along with my husband, I spent two weeks testing the Saatva topper. 

I was first introduced to the brand when I reviewed its luxurious weighted silk eye mask for when I went on my travels. I also sleep under a sumptuous velvet quilt from the brand and was perfectly impressed with its quality and heft. As you can imagine, I was super excited to give Saatva’s mattress topper a try. I received the Saatva mattress for free for review purposes and was not required to return it.

Sleep stats: • Sleep position: Side • Insomnia: Yes • Sleep problems: Insomnia bouts • Average sleep time: 8 hours

Saatva Foam Mattress Topper specifications

  • Type: Memory foam
  • Cover: Organic cotton
  • Fill: High-density foam
  • Firmness: Medium 
  • Thickness: 1.5"
  • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal. king, split king 
  • Price: $195 - $390 
  • Care: Spot clean only

Unboxing the Saatva Foam Mattress Topper

Saatva foam mattress topper review

(Image credit: Future / Alesandra Dubin)

I opened the ~elegantly~ packaged box, removed my older mattress topper, and rolled out the 1.5-inch topper atop my existing mattress. My own mattress is a Casper, FYI, not a Saatva, but these fit on any brand’s beds, blending in seamlessly.

Right away, I noticed the generous size of the elastic bands — one at each corner — which were easy to loop over my existing mattress without a struggle. The fit is stable and secure and doesn’t allow for any shifting once in place. Nice. 

Is the Saatva Foam Mattress Topper comfortable?

Instantly, I could tell a difference with this topper in place. This new foam mattress topper replaced my previous one, which had been more pillowy, made from a down alternative. In comparison, the Saatva foam topper felt much more supportive and genuinely upgraded my sleep surface from lumpy to luxe. It actually elevates sleep to a more hotel-like experience, including the breezy feel of a breathable hotel room, even on an older mattress. I had that new-bed feel without the cost or hassle of a mattress replacement. 

I did experience a few wakeful nights on it, but I attribute these more to my stress levels and getting used to a new type of bed, before anything else. 

Saatva foam mattress topper review

(Image credit: Future / Alesandra Dubin)

This 1.5-inch memory foam topper has a medium firmness suited to all sleep positions — especially side sleepers. Because I’m typically a side sleeper, this was just right as the construction hugs and holds my body without me sinking in, or lying right on top. 

Pressure relief and support
The high-density foam used in this topper (at least five pounds per cubic foot, compared with three pounds, more typical of similar foams) does a great job at reducing pressure on the body. It’s supportive and cushioning; it honestly feels like it’s holding my spine and my joints right where they need to be.

Is the Saatva Foam Mattress Topper breathable and cool?

Saatva foam mattress topper review

(Image credit: Future / Alesandra Dubin)

I tested this mattress topper during a cool wintertime period — unseasonably cool for my home city of Los Angeles. So I was looking for temperature regulation, rather than cooling. Still, this mattress topper’s cover is made with naturally breathable and moisture-wicking organic cotton, and I’m optimistic it will fulfill that promise for the hot months soon to come.

Is this the right mattress topper for you?

While this isn't something I struggle with (just yet), foam toppers are recommended for people who deal with back pain or simply cannot get to sleep at night, because they contour to the body which aligns the spine and helps relieve any pressure. As sleeping on your side is also the best position to keep your neck, hips, and knees in line, Saatva state this one is best for side sleepers. But honestly: any sleep position will do, as I find myself sprawling out throughout the night, and still sleeping just fine. 

Invest in this mattress topper if:
You want something organic
Your current mattress is really tired (or uncomfortable)
You need a lot of support
You suffer from back pain

Avoid this mattress topper if:
You dislike memory foam
You're on a budget
You want something thick

If you like the sound of Saatva, too much to let it go, firstly, I wouldn't blame you, and secondly, they've got two other topper options you might like. For the sweaty sleepers, their graphite mattress topper seems pretty top-notch, and if you're into anything organic, as you should, they've got a great latex version, too. FYI: these toppers do have a higher price point than the foam topper I tested.

Otherwise, here are a couple more mattress topper options Real Homes has tried and tested. 

Real Homes' review process 

There's much more to how we test mattresses (and toppers) ICYWW, but for a brief overview, our mattress topper testers are all required to sleep on their bed with the new product for a minimum of three to four weeks before reaching their verdict, testing the topper according to a strict brief. This allows Real Homes to compare and contrast their mattress topper experiences to find the best product. During the review, we will pay close attention to comfort, support, cost, and how it lives up to claims. We will also choose a reviewer depending on how they sleep, and we will ensure that this matches the type of topper we give them.

Alesandra Dubin
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Alesandra Dubin is a professional product tester who has been writing about lifestyle topics for more than 20 years, with bylines in Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Insider, Prevention, Travel + Leisure, and many more. Find her on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram at @alicedubin.

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