This eco heating fuel is made from recycled coffee waste

Looking for an eco heating fuel for your stove? We've found it... and it's made from coffee

Eco heating: Coffee Logs bio fuel
(Image credit: Bio Bean)

Ever thought about eco heating products for your wood burning stove? Depending on the type of wood you've been burning, you could be losing precious energy in smoke, rather than getting it back as heat. And how eco-friendly is it to burn wood anyway?

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that if you don't use an authorised fuel in your multi-fuel stove, you could be breaking the law. It's different if your stove is an exempt appliance, but some of us do doubt just how environmentally friendly the logs we burn are. After all, wood is a finite resource, and while having a wood burner is better for the planet than using gas for heating, is it always possible to know that the wood we burn doesn't contribute to deforestation?

Coffee Logs bio fuel

(Image credit: Bio Bean)

If you do have these worries, but still love using your wood burner, there is now an innovative solution. Coffee logs are a new fuel type manufactured in the UK from ground coffee waste collected from restaurants, cafes, universities and offices across the country. 

Their environmental credentials are sound: these logs burn 20 per cent slower and 20 per cent hotter than dry wood, and they divert organic waste from going to landfill. 

What you probably want to know is: do they smell like coffee while they burn? The answer is: no, they smell very similar to wood while burning, although you will detect a faint coffee smell just after opening the paper packet. 

You can use these logs in your favourite wood burner or stove (choose from on the best stoves in our buyer's guide).

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