This door stop alarm is a reassuring buy if you're nervous of intruders at night

Worried about intruders, especially at night? This door stop alarm will secure your doors – and sound an alarm if they're forced

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Hate sleeping in your house alone? Worried that your back door can be easily forced? Or perhaps your college dorm room door? There is a cheap and simple way to ease these worries – with a door stop alarm, a clever way to amp up your home security.

This clever device works as a door wedge. Place it under an inward opening door in a closed position and it will keep the door firmly shut. And, if someone tries to open it, an alarm will go off to notify you and to deter whoever is on the other side. Super easy to use and since it's compact, you can take it away with you to ease hotel room nerves. Interested in purchasing one (or five)? Scroll to shop.

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A door stop alarm can be used on any door, as long as it's placed inside. This means you can use it on a garden door, a door to a garage, a front door or even a bedroom door. It can offer peace of mind to those who live on their own, and to college/university students who have a dorm room door that's easily opened, or renters who share a home with people they're newly acquainted with.

How does it work? These door stop alarms act as door wedges, but instead of holding a door open, they keep it closed. If the door is moved at any time, a (noisy) 120db alarm will alert you and scare potential intruders. 

The alarms are powered by nine volt batteries and their sensitivity levels can be adjusted so as not to disturb your sleep for no reason. On the bottom of the devices, there's a non-skid pad to stop them from sliding on hard flooring. To use, there's a simple on and off switch operation. 

What do we love the most? Other than the cheap price tag and the fact they come in a pack of two or three, these door stop alarms are compact so can be popped in a suitcase for vacations or staycations. This way you'll have peace of mind wherever you are in the world, whether it be a hostel, hotel or a bed and breakfast.

Click to buy a door stop alarm from Amazon US for $12.99(pack of two). Otherwise, click to shop a UK version for £12.99 (pack of three).

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