Things that go bump in the night: this is how we hurt ourselves in the early hours

New survey reveals the most common nighttime mishaps – and quite a few from the team...

Bedroom with white bedding from John Lewis
(Image credit: John Lewis)

You've got the perfect sleep routine in place, have recently purchased the best mattress possible, and are dosing off peacefully, maybe with a silk eye mask on. Then, you get up to go to the bathroom, and... bump your head/knock over everything in your path/fall out of bed (select all that apply). 

Many of us will recognise these scenarios, and no wonder. According to a recent survey*, 56 per cent of us regularly get up during the night, with 36 per cent admitting we've hurt ourselves one way or another when doing so. 

Most of these mishaps are more comical than dangerous, with stubbing a toe (56 per cent), stepping on something (48 per cent) and walking into a door (43 per cent) topping the list. Some of accidents are more serious, though, with tripping over something (35 per cent) and trapping a hand in a door (32 per cent)  quite common, and with 21 per cent even admitting to scalding themselves while making a nighttime cuppa. 

A quick poll in the office also brings up treading on a sleeping dog then knocking our heads on the walls, treading on a sleeping cat and being scratched, taking the skin of shins on the bedstead, head butting our partners as we get back into bed, falling down the stairs and getting shut outside the front door entirely naked (although that one did involve sleepwalking). 

The solution? Investing in some dimmable lights, or even better, some smart lighting, so that you can find your way around the house without hurting yourself, or waking your partner with bright lights. 

*A survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by lighting supplier LED Hut.  

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