These Thanksgiving silverware holders will jazz up your dining table

A Thanksgiving silverware holder is a must-buy for those who want a pretty looking table on the 29th November

Thanksgiving silverware holder: Burlap Cutlery Pocket
(Image credit: Etsy | sabihup)

Got Thanksgiving silverware holders on your mind? Who doesn't, eh? The date is closer than you think, and with just 10 weeks to go, you'd better start choosing your Thanksgiving table decorations soon so that the best products don't sell out before you buy. 

While you may be relying on flowers and foliage for some of your table decor, we think silverware holders are a must-buy for a tidy table arrangement. Even more specifically, these Etsy Thanksgiving silverware holders will be sure to do the job in style – plus they're super original and super affordable.

Scroll to shop these adorable Thanksgiving silverware holders now.

Thanksgiving Silverware Holder, Burlap Cutlery Pocket, Rustic Utensil Holder, Thanksgiving Table Setting Decoration

(Image credit: Etsy | sabihup)

These homemade Thanksgiving silverware holders from Etsy can help store your cutlery in style. They're also handmade so your money will be going towards a small business. What else? They're made from burlap for a natural-looking effect and they have a 'Happy Thanksgiving' label on them. What more could you need?

While we appreciate that these can be expensive if you're feeding 10 people or more this Thanksgiving, the bonus is that they can be used every year (that's also better for the planet), or you can remove the label and use them to store pencils, makeup brushes and more.

Love their look and can imagine them sitting on your Thanksgiving table this year? You can buy these Thanksgiving silverware holders for $6.95 each at Etsy now.

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