These green home improvements are guaranteed to give your house price a boost

Planning to sell? Going green pays: increase your house price with these eco home improvements

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There's never been a better time to make your home more sustainable – but did you know that making your home greener can boost your house price, too? So, if you're planning on selling within the next year, you should seriously consider investing in upgrades that will result in a more sustainable home: you will get more than your money's worth for sure. These are the top green home improvements for increasing the value of your home. 

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1. Improve the energy efficiency of your home

This will give you by far the biggest returns. Installing cavity wall and roof insulation and/or double glazing, draught-proofing and even replacing an old boiler with a new, energy-efficient one are all home improvements home buyers are prepare to pay more for – and the further north you live, the better the return. The big home improvements such as insulation can increase your home value by as much as £16,000 – or £23,000 up north. It's just as well that you can currently get art of the cost covered by the Green Homes Grant scheme.

And don't forget to get and energy rating certificate: even going from D to C will help you sell your house for more.

2. Install underfloor heating

Sadly, eco heating isn't yet a feature that will give your house price an immediate boost. Many buyers still aren't prepared to pay more for a home with solar panels or ground heating pipes because these home improvements will take years to begin showing their true value. Unless you install them in combination with underfloor heating, which buyers love and will pay more for, especially if their costs of using it will go down over time. Underfloor heating is itself a cost saver, as it operates at lower temperatures than radiators, and it just feels so luxurious underfoot. Expect to get five to 10 per cent more for a home with underfloor heating.

3. Install a smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are now included in house valuations, and buyers are prepared to pay more for them, especially in combination with isolation valves on individual radiators.

4. Get your garden properly landscaped

Gardens have never been more important, but it turns out that buyers care quite a bit about how well-maintained a garden is when looking at a property. A thriving, beautifully landscaped garden with a variety of plants can increase your house value by an astonishing £80,000. A garden that has had no maintenance in years or is simply paved over will actually deter buyers. Gardens that are planted up rather than paved over increase urban biodiversity as well as being attractive to buyers, so are a worthwhile green home improvement.

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5. Install LED lighting throughout your home

You'll be surprised! Yes, it's only lightbulbs and people can change them themselves, but if you completely change all your lightbulbs to energy-saving LED ones, buyers will pay around three per cent more for your house. Considering that LEDs use up to 80 per cent less energy than regular bulbs, it's no wonder: there's some serious money-saving potential here over the longer term. 

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