These are the 5 home improvements you MUST do if you want to sell your house

These are the things buyers really notice – and the condition of these areas of your home could make or break a house sale

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Planing on selling a house? With Brexit wreaking havoc with the property market for the past couple of years, conditions for those wishing to sell are tricky. In a buyer's market, it's doubly important to boost your property's kerb appeal to make it attractive to potential buyers. And now a brand new survey* identifies the areas of the home to which buyers pay particular attention when house viewing. 

So what tops the list?

1. Repair windows

It turns out that you want to sell your house quickly and easily, you'll need to make sure your windows are in top condition, as 71 per cent of potential house buyers said they pay attention to this detail. Replacing old windows (think ones that haven't been touched up for over 10 years) will cost you between £1,000 and £2,000 – which isn't so very much if it makes sure you house gets sold. Failing that, replace cracked panes and dirty windows a shine. Touch up paintwork, too.

2. Check the roof tiles

A well maintained roof with no missing tiles was cited as important by 68 per cent of the respondents; repairing cracked roof tiles can cost as little as £190.

3. Create kerb appeal with a tidy front garden

A tidy front garden will likely sway 67 per cent of potential house buyers; if yours is overgrown and in need of love, a garden maintenance service would take just one day and cost around £150. Or you could DIY it over a weekend.

4. Spruce up the driveway

Well maintained driveways and fences were must-haves for over half the respondents – even if that means weeding between paving or giving the fence a lick of paint.

5. Make the exterior lighter and brighter

Exterior paintwork (54 per cent) mattered to over half of the respondents, while over a quarter (26 per cent) said they would be positively impressed by a well lit property. Adding exterior lighting to the property can cost as little as £250.

The cost? Overall, sprucing up a house for sale shouldn't cost more than £3,000 if you were to carry out the majority of these home improvements, and they seem well worth the effort, given how unanimous people are in being more likely to buy a property that's in good repair and looks well maintained. 

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*A HomeOwners Alliance survey of more than 2,000 UK adults conducted by YouGov