The most popular house plants in 2019 are... (drum roll please)

Which are the most popular, most Instagrammable indoor plants this year? (We know)

a crows eye view shot of various cacti and succulents on a coffee table
(Image credit: Ikea)

House plant sales are increasing steadily year after year, with a massive, 70 per cent increase recorded this year in comparison with last. What is driving the huge resurgence of popularity of house plants in our lives? And which ones do we want in our homes the most?

It is easy to speculate about the new popularity of house plants as a consequence of more people renting properties without gardens, but the data revealed by a new study* of consumer behaviour around house plants reveals that, interestingly, the massive upsurge in the buying of house plants is driven in large part by succulents and cacti. 

pyramid shaped terrariums on a desk

(Image credit: Not on the Highstreet)

These quirky, low-maintenance plants have gained such popularity that the number of retailers who stock them has increased by 430 per cent since 2016.

Why succulents? Apart from their low maintenance, these plants are crucial to making a terrarium, and terrariums are growing in popularity as a home decorating trend. The unusual, sculpture-like shapes of many succulents also make them extremely photogenic, and hence popular on Instagram and Pinterest.

As we reported back in April, indoor and outdoor decor have become permeable: on the one hand, we want our homes to look like luscious, green jungles. On the other hand, how we garden is increasingly influenced by indoor decor, including house plants. 

Succulents are definitely the perfect plants for this indoor-outdoor trend: they look like they belong both indoors and outdoors (and, in fact, can be planted either inside or outside). 

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*Analysis of sales in 122 retailers between the months of January to July 2019 and comparison with 2018 by Vend