The best Samsung smart fridge launches in Australia – it’s bigger and more advanced than anything we’ve seen before

Everything you need to know about the Samsung smart fridge 4.0, now available in Australia, is right here

reasons to buy a samsung smart fridge
(Image credit: Samsung)

The release of the biggest, most advanced Samsung smart fridge yet, the Family Hub 4.0, has been announced by Samsung Australia. But what’s so impressive about it?

Well, if you’re embracing smart technology and like its capacity to make day-to-day living easier and more efficient, you’ll be impressed by the upgrades made to the Samsung Family Hub software – available to those who already have a Samsung smart fridge – as well as the chance to get an all-new model. The SRF825BFH4 offers the most impressive capacity we’ve seen in a Samsung smart fridge yet. Read more about our favourite features, below.

Control your fridge from your smartphone

Thanks to significant advancements, it’s now possible to use your Samsung smart fridge to make the most of phone mirroring technology – if you have a compatible Galaxy S smartphone. This means everything from taking calls via your smart fridge (cool, right) to controlling third party apps, is now possible.

Set expiration date reminders

If you often work away and find yourself returning to a fridge full of gone-off food, you’ll benefit hugely from the option to check the sell-by dates of your fridge contents, wherever you are.

Enhanced entertainment system

Because it’s designed with an impressive set of built-in speakers, it’s also possible for your fridge to house your kitchen’s entertainment system.

Built-in Bixby

You’ll also benefit from having Samsung’s very own smart assistant, Bixby, built in. Newly improved, Bixby helps users to monitor to-do lists, share photos and more.

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