Tan France has already put his Christmas tree up - and now we want to

Tan France put his Christmas tree up on Halloween and shared an adorable snap

Tan France x Etsy
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We don’t know about you, but we’ve spent this whole week wondering when it’ll be socially acceptable to start playing Christmas music and decking the halls. If you’re currently holding back, we think it’s important to let you know that Queer Eye’s Tan France has already put his tree up.

In fact, he has put his tree up on Halloween for the last eleven years, getting into the festive mood early with his Christmas tree decorating ideas. We’ve seen lots of people phasing in Christmas decorations in early November and honestly, we’re thinking of doing the same.

‘Who cares about Halloween costumes,’ says the Fab Five member in the caption. ‘When it’s the 11th year of our Christmas-Tree-on-Halloween-tradition?! 🤗’

The tree itself is nice and traditional with a gold, red and silver color scheme - complete with a fancy Christmas tree skirt. And some careful measurements must have been involved, because the top of the tree *just* grazes the ceiling.

He's opted for a very similar Christmas tree look as he did in 2020, going for a tall and slim tree with a gold crown on the top. However, this year, he's posing with baby Ismail, who was born in August of this year. 

Tan France

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Tan's Instagram post is the green light we needed to start planning our Christmas decorations. We're not alone in wanting to start early, as the comments on Tan's Instagram post were full of nods of approval. 

People like Brie Larson said they’d already put their’s up. ‘I NEEDED THIS TODAY,’ one commented.

‘I’m so ready for a Christmas Frenzy!’ wrote another festive fan. When one follower asked when he takes it down, Tan said late January - making for almost three months of Christmas tree joy. 

christmas tree decorated with red baubles and crackers

(Image credit: Annabel James)

We don’t blame him, tbh. Of course, you may prefer to follow the traditional rules of how and when to put up a Christmas tree this year.

But, after last year’s much quieter festivities, we are all for going a little against the grain and getting those trees up early. Once you start on the Christmas decorating ideas, from garlands and advent calendars to outdoor lights and wreaths, you truly can’t stop.

Happy decorating!

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