Still buying cleaning products? You could save over £200 a year by going eco-friendly

With clever cleaning hacks using store cupboard essentials, you can stop wasting money on environmentally unfriendly cleaning

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Still buying costly cleaning products every month? There are better, and more eco-friendly ways to do your cleaning, that are guaranteed to save you money. We bet Mrs Hinch would approve. And we bet that you have many of the products you need in your kitchen cupboards already. Convenience + environmentally-friendliness + money saving = all round win. So let's take a look at where you can save time/the environment/money. 

Constantly buying laundry detergent? With an average £7 bottle of washing detergent lasting you 38 washes and coming in at 18p per wash, and the average fabric conditioner costing an additional £3 for 44 washes, it's high time to switch to Ecoballs. At £20, they'll last you 1,000 washes, which is just 2p per wash. What's even better, you can forget about fabric conditioner. Saving per year = £35.59 (three washes per week).

If you prefer using washing powder, use one grated bar of natural soap (79p) and a pack of soda crystals (£1.20) to home-make washing powder that'll last for 40 washes (you won't need to use as much as conventional washing powder). In comparison, a 40-wash pack of washing powder costs around £5, or 12p per wash. Saving per year = £11 (three washes per week). Do note that this recipe is best suited to soft water areas; hard water users might find it leaves streaks on washing.

Still paying over £2 per litre for all-purpose cleaner? You could make a litre of homemade all-purpose cleaner with bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar, and water for 34p per litre. It'll leave your kitchen surfaces sparkling – just add the juice of a lemon for fragrance. Saving per year = £19.92 (one bottle per month).

Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar also come in handy for cleaning your drains. Mix half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar (25p + 30p respectively) and use the mixture to clear blocked kitchen drains by washing down with boiling water. For just 55p, that's way better than spending £4 on a bottle of chemical drain cleaner that's used in one go. Saving per year = £41.40 (once per month).

Forking out £3 on toilet cleaner that lasts for two cleans? No need if you swap it for two cups of bicarbonate of soda at £1 with half a cup of citric acid (80p) and mix both with water. The fizzy mixture will leave your toilet clean and fresh. Saving per year = £28.80 (two bottles per month).

Cleaning floors with a £6 floor cleaner that lasts four cleans? You don't need to; instead, mix 100ml of olive oil (50p) with the juice of one lemon (20p) in a bucket of hot water. Saving per year = £38.40 (one bottle per month).

Finally, forget about bathroom cleaning products and cleaning sponges altogether, and buy an e-cloth instead. At £3, it is guaranteed to last for three years, provided you occasionally wash it, and removes bacteria and build-up. Just add water. Don't want an e-cloth? Bicarbonate of soda will do, and you can simply clean with your hands with gloves on. Saving per year = £38 (one scouring pad and bottle of bathroom cleaner per month).

Total potential saving = £202.11

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