Smelly dishwasher? Here's how to clean it with vinegar – fast

Knowing how to clean a dishwasher with vinegar is a must if yours smells bad. It's easy: here's how

Clean dishwasher
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Want a quick dishwasher cleaning hack? If your dishwasher has pulled its weight this festive period, no doubt you need one. Food sludge might be blocking the filter and the racks looking less than immaculate. And the last thing you want to do is to try and clean your dinnerware and utensils in a dirty dishwasher.

Thankfully, you don't even need to make a trip to the shops for cleaning products to clean your dishwasher – you can simply use vinegar to do the job. We show you how.

Or, if your dishwasher is in need of replacement (we aren't saying it is that dirty but maybe old and not working well) then see our list of the best dishwashers

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How to use vinegar to clean a dishwasher

First empty the dishwasher and take out the dishwasher tray to access the drain. Pull out the filter and while wearing rubber gloves, remove any food debris, rinse it and put it back in the dishwasher.

Place 250ml of white vinegar in a dishwasher safe bowl on the top rack of your dishwasher or pour it into the bottom of the dishwasher. Put the dishwasher on its highest temperature and run a full cycle. Hey presto a clean dishwasher with no nasty smells. Do it weekly to keep it fresh.

How to clean dishwasher accessories with vinegar

The vinegar cycle should do the trick but if not, soak the racks, spray arm and utensil holder in hot water diluted with vinegar before scrubbing clean with an old toothbrush. This will help clear any limescale from any jets. Put the accessories back in the dishwasher, then run a short cycle to rinse them.

Use vinegar to clean the dishwasher door

Wipe down the door (inside and out) with a solution of one part vinegar and two parts warm water. This will remove grease and food residue.