Shop the Dyson Supersonic at John Lewis get a free stand worth £99.99

The Dyson Supersonic gift edition includes a free hair dryer stand that Amazon are selling for nearly £100

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer
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Good news, bargain hunters! The Dyson Supersonic gift edition is on sale at John Lewis for £299.99 – which means you get the iconic Dyson hair dryer AND a stand (which is on sale on Amazon at £99.99) in one. So, if you're looking for a Boxing Day sale bargain, you're sorted? 

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is one of those gadgets that's a real must-have this year. Find out more about the deal below. And if you're wondering if it is really worth the price tag, keep reading to find out why we think so. It's number one in our list of the best hair dryers you can buy, anyway.

Dyson Supersonic Gift Edition Hair Dryer

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Dyson Supersonic Gift Edition Hair Dryer| £299 at John Lewis

The unique feature of the gift edition of the Supersonic is the stand for the attachments, which you normally need to get separately – and which is on sale at Amazon for £99.99. The attachments are magnetic, for effortless everyday use.View Deal

We've spoken to long-haired ladies on the Real Homes team, and those who own/have tried the Dyson all used terms like 'life-changing' and 'holy grail' when talking about its ability to transform hair in a matter of seconds. 

Yes, the speed of this hair dryer is mind blowing (it's not called Supersonic for nothing) – it pumps out 41 litres of air per second. Which explains how it can dry your hair so quickly. For women (and men) with long tresses and busy schedules, those seconds really make the difference in the morning. 

The other feature our Dyson converts couldn't stop talking about was how soft and touchable their hair felt after using the Supersonic. No one can quite agree on how this softness is achieved; is it because you're drying your hair for less time, or is it because of the heat regulator built into the machine that promises to minimise heat damage from the drying? 

The verdict is clear: this hair dryer does achieve results that are better than any other hair dryer currently on the market.

Which brings us to the crucial point about the Dyson making for a perfect Christmas gift (if you're still shopping). All the women we spoke to said that they had received their Supersonic as a gift, which suggests that, despite the amazing results, they probably would have hesitated to buy the hairdryer themselves. And, in our opinion, this is what makes it the ultimate gift-worthy item: totally worth it, but something your gift recipient probably wouldn't buy for themselves. 

Buying for a long-haired man? He'll love it too, we reckon.

Have you used/gifted the Supersonic? Let us know what you think about this hairdryer on Facebook or Twitter. 

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