Why every hairy household needs a Shark Anti Hair Wrap vacuum

Getting hair tangled in the vacuum cleaner brushes is not the one, but the Shark Anti Hair wrap vacuum is. Here's why, and a deal to boot...

The Shark Anti Hair wrap vacuum can tame pet hair and long hair
(Image credit: Roberto Nickson for Unsplash)

When you've been vacuuming there is nothing worse than having to free stray (often) long hairs from the brushes. It can be a right ol' tangle which often results in having to get the scissors out for a cut which is far from a pampering session, but more of a needs-must so you can get the most out of your vacuum cleaner. That said, when the vac returns from doing the rounds with a wrap of hair around the brushes it becomes pretty clear where the most shedding happens – it's around the dressing table for us!

So what can one do to mean that vacuum cleaning isn't then followed by cleaning the vacuum? Well, Shark have been hearing the woes of hairy homeowners (or owners of hairy household pets) for some time and we thought it was about time we reached out to our hirsute pals to tell them all about the Shark Anti Hair Wrap vacuum technology and how it has changed our cleaning routine. In fact, it is one of the things that makes us such big fans of Shark vacuums because other brands haven't quite nailed this tech and it is a real timesaver. 

Read on to learn all about why a Shark Anti Hair Wrap vacuum it is a must for long haired homeowners or shop the latest Shark offers today to save up to £120 off a new vac AND get a free car detailing kit (more info below) – this weekend, only.

What is Sharks's Anti Hair Wrap technology?

The feature can be found on no less than 18 of Shark's vacuum cleaners, in corded, cordless, upright, stick and Lift-Away models. So how does it work? Shark's Anti Hair Wrap technology has a unique bristle-guard and comb which actively separates and removes long, short and pet hair to leave your bristle brush-roll tangle-free. This means that the carpets, hard flooring and car seats can be free of those fly-away hairs and always look presentable. 

And, it's not just for long human hair. It's also a top choice for taming pet hair, too. Bless them. They can't help moulting but OMG it can get pretty annoying when hair (of any kind) gets tightly wrapped around a vacuum cleaner’s brush-roll. It's something which can affect the cleaning performance of the vac, too, so your only choice if you don't have Anti Hair Wrap tech is to spend ages cutting hair off the brush with scissors. We have all been there – it's not pretty and could lead to you damaging your brush head.

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Should I buy a Shark Anti Hair Wrap vacuum cleaner?

If you have long hair – hell it doesn't even have to be that long to wrap round a brush – or a furry pet then we recommend it as a top buy. Especially if cleaning the brush head is something you really can't be bothered with. And as it is available of loads of different styles of Shark, you won't have to forgo any other features you were after in your new vacuum cleaner

Shark also offer DuoClean tech which means some of their vacuums easily adapt from carpet to hard flooring and these models can come with Anti Hair Wrap. And another feature we love from Shark is the LiftAway tech that allows you to go from upright to cylinder style with ease. Yeah, we know Shark has loads of feature names to get your head around, but each offers functionality we totally need now we know it exists.

So there you have it – long hair really don't care with Anti Hair Wrap!

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