The 'seacore' trend making waves – and expert tips to create a subtle nautical feel

A real estate agent predicts this home decor trend will be taking over this year, and it's easy to dip your toe into

dark navy kitchen with white worktops and striped rug
(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

A real estate agent predicts we'll be seeing a lot of the new 'seacore' trend this year, as we embrace a toned-down and rustic nautical look. Think green blues, pastels, repurposed antiques, ticking stripes, and natural materials.

Here are some ways of incorporating this home decor trend into your space.

Suzi Dailey is the top luxury real estate agent with Realty ONE Luxe in Newport Beach, California. She has worked in real estate for 14 years, selling homes worth over $20 million.

dark navy kitchen with white worktops and striped rug

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

The property expert says 'seacore' will be a significant interior design trend this year, as a new iteration of 2020's cottagecore and the more recent pearlcore trend. Suzi has noticed three key interior design trends recently, and believes they all feed into the calming 'seacore' look.

White countertops

The best kitchen worktops need to be hardwearing and fit in with the rest of your color scheme. If you already have white countertops, these will work perfectly alongside other 'seacore' home decor, like striped rugs, and beach-themed artwork. 

'White was a big trend in the past year, especially white countertops,' says Suzi. 'People love white countertops because they create a beachy, California look.'

Blue accents

beige sofa with coastal blue linen pillows

(Image credit: Rebecca Pitcher)

Accents of deep, dark blue are a great way to add some warmth into a space. 'I’ve been seeing an increase in dark blue cabinets, accent walls, and furniture,' says Suzi.

Looking for the best couch? A dark blue sofa will give a classic look while being a subtle nod to the seacore trend. Alternatively, you can swap out pillow covers and throws with some soft coastal blues.

Natural wood siding

blue kitchen with white worktops and natural wooden rug

(Image credit: Cult furniture)

Suzi says homeowners are adding touches of lovely natural wood siding in kitchens in a very modern way. This creates beautiful clean lines. 

A blend of blue accents, white countertops and natural wood build a very coastal aesthetic that feels fresh and breezy. Bringing in these elements of the new 'seacore' trend will help to make a space feel calming.

You might find you have some seacore decor in your home already, as we often decorate our homes with items picked up on our travels, reminding us of sunny trips abroad. Display beachy decor together on open shelving or a side table to transport you to the seaside.

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