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Score Alton Brown's favorite coffee maker for under $30 at Amazon

It makes the perfect blend of drip coffee and espresso, according to chef and TV host Alton Brown

Alton Brown Aeropress coffee maker
(Image credit: Amazon)

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Good Eats or Cutthroat Kitchen, you’re likely already aware of Alton Brown’s affinity for all things coffee and the kitchen tools that come along with it. The TV host and celebrity chef openly discusses his shameless addiction to coffee—with some form of the good stuff almost always sneaking its way into his cuisine or cooking methods.

“I have attempted almost every device that has been created for the brewing of coffee,” Brown told Men’s Journal in an interview. “From the very expensive to the simplest device you can imagine. I finally settled on the AeroPress about five years ago. It makes the perfect blend between a drip coffee and an espresso. I know day-to-day it will give me what I need.”

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AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker | Was $34.99, now $29.99

Currently on sale for $29.99 at Amazon, the AeroPress coffee press is well-loved by high ranking chefs and home cooks alike—and for good reason. The compact and durable design makes it a great option for just about any kitchen while the fast brewing technology ensures a smooth, rich cup of coffee every single time. View Deal

While we’re already huge fans of the AeroPress for its compact design and great quality coffee, here are a handful of other reasons to consider investing in the inventive machines:

  • It’s designed and crafted right in the US using BPA-free materials
  • Extremely easy to clean when compared to traditional coffee makers
  • The innovative microfilter ensures absolutely no coffee grinds make it into your cup
  • Brews both American-style drip coffee and European-style espresso
  • Makes up to four cups of coffee in less than 60-seconds time
  • Includes a zippered nylon tote bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Perfect for use in your home or office, or while camping, or on-the-go, too.

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