REVEALED: 10 top Christmas toys 2020

It's never too early to start buying Christmas toys, right? Here's what's predicted to be popular for 2020 – buy now or risk them selling out...

Christmas toys: Learning Resources Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot Activity Set
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Over at Real Homes, we love Christmas. Everything from Christmas gifts – Christmas toys, tech, homewares (obvs) – to Christmas decor, crafts and pretty anything that involves the colours red and green and Mr.Claus. So, talking about Christmas in September gets us rather excited. To some, though, we can understand if it gives you a slight bit of panic – it's the busiest time of the year. Every year we tell ourselves we will prepare – it's key, right? – and we always forget. 

Not this year, though, especially thanks to John Lewis & Partners releasing their list of Christmas toys they expect to be big sellers this year already. Buy these now instead of waiting until they sell out, or wandering around the shops on Christmas Eve – we've all been there!

Unsurprisingly, this list features some sustainable and eco-friendly buys – wooden toys and a recyclable kid's scooter – as well as LEGO (shock!), board games and educational toys. 

Keep scrolling below to see them and click through to buy – you'll thank us come the week before Christmas when you are relaxing, mulled wine in hand and a smug look on your face. 

Head over to our Lego sale page, should you be buying for a Lego lover this Christmas.

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'This year has been incredibly different for all of us and we've seen a change in the way parents have been purchasing toys for their children. They're thinking of ways that will help their children further their learning through play. That's why we believe the Botley 2.0 (that teaches children to code) will be a popular choice,' says Rachael Larkman, John Lewis Partner & Toy Buyer.

'We've also seen a nod to nostalgia with traditional board games making a comeback such as Monopoly proving particularly popular as families make time to play together. 

'We're extremely excited to launch the Micro Eco Scooter, made out of recycled fishing nets. We have seen incredible demand for outdoor games during lockdown and believe this trend will continue through to next year.' 

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