This clever trick turned an old bed into a Restoration Hardware-style masterpiece, all for under $30

A DIY guide to creating a Restoration Hardware-style master bed at home from the experts at Sunny Side Design

DIY Restoration Hardware-style bed
(Image credit: Sunny Side Design)

Restoration Hardware has been setting lust-worthy design trends for years. But as much as we love getting their catalogue in the mail, their high-end price points mean our buyer journey usually ends there.  

Thus, when we discovered that a Restoration Hardware-style master bed (yep, that's it, above) was just a DIY project away we couldn't wait to get our hands on the how-to. So, with some expert advice from the DIY junkies at Sunny Side Design we've put together a nifty how-to guide! 

Achieving designer looks on a budget has never been easier. All you'll need is a wooden headboard and a handful of inexpensive supplies that you can pick up from your local home improvement store or online. We'll link to everything you'll need so it's all in one place and you can get started on your DIY project ASAP. Keep scrolling to check out the amazing before and after photos as well as our comprehensive guide so you can try it yourself. 

restoration hardware style bed before photo

(Image credit: Sunny Side Design)

Transforming an old headboard into a Restoration Hardware-style master bed was a major revelation for mom and daughter DIY experts who confessed a long-term obsession for the company. The farmhouse, weathered aesthetic had long caught their collective eye but the price tag didn't match their budget. So, a brainwave moment occurred: they had an old solid pine bed in the basement that was in need of some TLC... Why not spend $30 on supplies, revamp the tired headboard and recreate a $3000 Restoration Hardware-style bed instead!? 

Restoration hardware-style bed Sunny Side Design priming bed headboard

The Before

(Image credit: Sunny Side Design)

Supplies they used: 

Sunny Side Design painting restoration hardware-style headboard

(Image credit: Sunny Side Design)

Step by step guide: 

Step 1: The preparation stage 

Firstly, your headboard's original finish will need to be removed to accept the new stain. This can be done by sanding the furniture or using a paint and epoxy remover. The goal here is to have a blank canvas with a flat look. 

Top tip: These DIY experts used Jasco paint and epoxy remover to strip the original finish. They stress the importance of taking safety precautions such as wearing chemical gloves and goggles as well as pouring the stripper into a glass or metal container because of its strength!

Step 2: The stain

Place a fine grit steel wool pad in an old mason jar, fill the jar with vinegar and leave to sit for at least three days. Then take your brush and paint the vinegar mixture onto the wood, watching it transform in a matter of minutes. 

Top tip: Test on a small area to see if the desired color is achieved. Different types of wood will stain differently. 

Step 3: The finish 

After the stain has dried, apply your white wax to achieve a weathered wood finish, creating depth and dimension. Allow the wax to dry, then buff with an old cotton rag.

finished restoration hardware-style bed by Sunny Side Design

(Image credit: Sunny Side Design)

DIY restoration hardware-style bed

(Image credit: Sunny Side Design)

That's it! We're so impressed with these amazing results and can't get over the price! For under $30 this is a no-brainer if you're after a designer look without breaking the bank. Cottage core style is so in right now and this rustic alternative to buying a brand new bed is ticking every box! 

A super simple, affordable and rewarding home DIY project that will totally transform your bedroom space and refresh an old piece of furniture. 

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