Porridge: how to make the healthiest breakfast ever

Porridge is regaining popularity as the ultimate breakfast, and for good reason: it's healthy, vegan, and easy to make

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Oh, porridge: some of us have always loved it; for others, it's something of an acquired taste requiring sweet toppings. Whichever camp you're in, we strongly recommend porridge as a healthy breakfast option for cold winter mornings. Oats slowly expand in your stomach, making you feel fuller longer. What's even better, porridge can be made completely without any animal by-products if you make it with plant-base milk substitutes or water. Just add a bit of fruit on top et voila, you've got a tasty, healthy breakfast. 

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How to make porridge

To create this simple breakfast for one, you'll need: 

  • Porridge oats, 50 grams
  • Milk/water/plant-based milk of your choice, 300 ml, and about 50ml extra to serve;
  • Fresh fruit/jam/honey, to taste


1. Place the oats in a non-stick pan; we prefer milk pans, because it's easier to pour out the porridge into a bowl afterwards.

2. Cover with the milk or water and bring to the boil. You have to watch your porridge – as soon as it's come to a boil, start stirring vigorously with a cooking spoon. Reduce heat and continue stirring until the porridge is thick but not stodgy. It should still be pourable, just not too runny. The whole process should take about five minutes. 

3. Pour into a bowl and pour over the extra milk. For a richer taste, you can also top up with yoghurt or cream. Top with the fruit, jam or honey. Eat immediately. 

Our top tip: try making yours with coconut milk for a deliciously fruity, vegan take on the breakfast classic. 

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