Harry Styles' Pleasing candles have just been released, so now your digs can smell like Harry's house

Harry Styles has released Pleasing candles as part of his fragrance drop, and I don't know if we can ever go without

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Just in time for white elephant exchanges, Harry Styles' Pleasing candles have hit the scene, so you might want to make some room under the tree (and on your coffee table). 

On the heels of a gender-neutral fragrance release, the former 1D crooner decided to keep the gift of sexy scents coming and expanded into the interiors scene, for which we are all grateful. Though Pleasing is mainly focused on beauty buys — nail polishes, oil moisturizers, etc. — it's beginning to dip into fashion with sweatshirts and tees. If the candles are any indication, perhaps household goods are next? (One could only hope.) 

Much like "Watermelon Sugar" and "Adore You," home fragrances are our jam, so allow us to give you the scoop on the happenings in Harry's line.

A look at the Pleasing candles

Pleasing candles, created in conjunction with renowned fragrance house Robertet, are available in the same three scents as the gender-neutral fragrances: Rivulets, Closeness, and Bright, Hot, all of which are to "embody simplicity, innovation, creativity, and beauty," according to the brand's site. It likely won't take long before these babies end up on best candles lists everywhere. They're the perfect accompaniment to "Late Night Talking" plays, if you ask us. 

Enjoy burning the natural soy wax blend candles in your digs, and once the party's over, hang onto the keepsake glass bowl and lid. (We spoke to experts about how to reuse candle jars if you don't want to part ways with the beautiful packaging.)

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Not all singers and actors have created a beauty brand (believe it or not), but a lot of them do have strong opinions about their go-to fragrances. From Ashley Tisdale to Jennifer Garner, we round up celebrities' favorite candles that will inspire you to add to your personal collection. As for Pleasing: Harry, if we may, we're casting our vote for reed diffusers to be the next drop. Please and thank you!

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