This statement DIY fridge hack is trending on TikTok

TikToker's are giving their fridges a budget update with this smart hack

Blue painted fridge with clouds
(Image credit: Rustoleum)

Refrigerators usually appear on TikTok during cleaning and de-cluttering videos. However, the latest DIY trend has seen fridges become the canvas for stunning transformations.

When creating a kitchen, budget restrictions often mean forgoing the best fridges for aesthetic appeal and opting for a more affordable white version. However, rather than limiting your design options, TikToks are faking their way to a better-looking fridge with paint. 

Black chalkboard fridge

(Image credit: Jess Mapes)

Jess Maple who owns the Tiktok channel @jessmapes has the décor inspired motto: "If you can’t afford it create it."

After giving her dated dark wood kitchen cabinets a pale makeover with KLilz Chalk paint in ‘Platinum Ring’. Jess moved onto her fridge. Instead of investing in a new matching fridge, she saved money without sacrificing her decor style by painting it black too.

As searches for black kitchen ideas are on the up with many people moving toward the trend for moodier colors, this DIY refrigerator hack is a cost-effective update.


♬ middle of the night x ready for it by Altegomusic - ALTÉGO

First Jess primed the fridge with Rust-Oleum Magnetic finish primer and then followed it up with Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint turning the fridge into a chalkboard.

Once the fridge had dried for a few days, the DIYer cured the surface by covering it all over with chalk for 24 hours. After rubbing off the chalk coating with a dry lint-free cloth Jess drew pretty floral patterns over it with chalk.

Jess isn't the only decorator revolutionizing refrigerators on TikTok. Interior designer @athomewithashley has gone to the other extreme with an incredible colored fridge.


♬ Pure Imagination - Kathleen

Using a product called Slick Stick Primer soft latex paint shades and decorator's tape, her kitchen appliance has been transformed. It's now a kaleidoscope of colorful rainbow stripes! It is now a unique kitchen pastel decorating idea.

'Painting large kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator or a dishwasher is a fantastic way to upgrade an old kitchen appliance or change one to suit a new aesthetic,' says Managing Director, Michael Rolland of The Paint Shed.

However, if you do decide to try this DIY fridge hack make sure you use a primer and paint suitable for painting on metal or plastic. The last thing you want is your hard work flaking off in a few weeks' time.