Overcome insomnia with the help of Dodow – a device backed up by science

Tired of being tired? Dodow combines science and technology to help you beat insomnia and get a restful night sleep

dodow insomnia tackling device
(Image credit: Dodow)

Developed by insomniacs for insomniacs, Dodow is a small and affordable smart household gadget that harnesses the principles of controlled breathing and light pulses to soothe users to sleep.

If, like many insomniacs, you're tormented by a lack of sleep, you'll know that it can lead to poor memory and concentration – and with that a greater likelihood of making mistakes – irritability, increased anxiety and even depression. 

While we'd always recommend taking a look at NHS advice and guidelines for tackling insomnia, we love Dodow as a solution that combines science and technology to help you get a better night sleep. So how does it work?

dodow insomnia tackling device

(Image credit: Dodow)

Projecting a pattern of pulsating light onto the ceiling for periods of eight or 20 minutes, Dodow guides a user's breathing through the principles of meditation, reducing breaths per minute from 11 to six. This ultimately helps the body enter a rest state, making sleep more likely.

Providing the light as a focus, Dodow also reduces brain activity and prevents the mind from becoming distracted.

Who can use Dodow?

In short, everyone. Whether you're someone who struggles to fall asleep or your insomnia strikes in the middle of the night, Dodow is for you. It aims to tackle sleep related problems linked to stress and restlessness, overthinking and pregnancy, to name but a few.

Does it work?

According to those who have used Dodow, yes. With 76 per cent of users providing a score of four stars or above and the average user falling asleep 2.5 times faster, there is evidence to suggest that Dodow is positively impacting the sleep of its users. Not convinced? Dodow offers a 100-day guarantee – return and get your money back if you're not satisfied.

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