The 'groundbreaking' alternative to florals for spring? It's this earthy trend

Etsy says the 'mushroom motif' trend will be major this spring — here are five ways to execute it.

mushroom motif wallpaper from etsy
(Image credit: Etsy)

Florals for spring? Not so fast, says Etsy. 

This year, to align with our 'new norm,' the retailer recommends shying away from the traditional florals and letting one of their most talked-about trends take over: mushroom motifs. 

The mushroom motif trend is making its way from gardens and wellness and shifting into our home décor this season. While it's certainly not a brand-new concept, this trend hit a peak in the '60s and '70s, it now offers a modern twist that many are enjoying. 

According to Etsy's 2021 home décor trend report: "There has been a 371% increase in searches for mushroom lamps." In addition to "a whopping 902% increase in searches for mushroom pillows, and pillowcases," meaning this mushroom motif trend is taking off — and fast! 

So, for those looking to jump on the mushroom motif bandwagon? 

Here are five ways to efficiently and effortlessly execute one of this season's most talked-about trends. 

1. Begin by adding this mushroom pillow to furniture

mushroom motift spring trend

(Image credit: Etsy)

Mushroom Punch Needlepoint 14x14" Pillow for $96, at Etsy

This bold one-of-a-kind mushroom pillow will make a splashy statement wherever it's stationed. Add it to your bedroom design as a spring-inspired solution or to your outdoor patio furniture to keep the compliments coming; either way, it's sure to sizzle in style. 

2. Go bold by hanging this mushroom-inspired wallpaper 

mushroom motif trend

(Image credit: Etsy)

Woodland Mushrooms Botanical Wallpaper starting at $12.20, at Etsy

If you're looking for the best wallpaper, this mushroom-inspired option makes a compelling case. Eco-friendly and water-activated, it's the bold print that will enhance any room or specific wall of choice. 

3. Make this modern mushroom lamp a must

mushroom motif lamp etsy

(Image credit: Etsy)

Mushroom Table Lamp for $589.93, at Etsy

Sure, this mushroom motif lamp is an investment, to say the least, but can you put a price on a piece this unique? Absolutely not, and that's why we're deeming this modern 1960s-inspired choice a must. 

4. Swap out old desk lamps for this chic choice

mushroom motif trend green lamp

(Image credit: Etsy)

Large Mushroom Lamp for $110.59, at Etsy

Now, in the case, you couldn't make the previous lamp work? Here's another fixture to fixate over: this vintage-inspired piece. This gorgeous green shade will leave every guest green with envy, while its retro design adds an element of the '80s into any section of your home or corner of your desk. 

5. This beautiful butter dish

mushroom motif butter dish

(Image credit: Etsy)

Handmade Ceramic Toadstool Butter Dish for $53.96, at Etsy

From the elegant toadstools stand to the delicate foliage on this woodland-inspired butter dish, it's impossible to resist making this a permanent fixture in your refrigerator or kitchen counters. 

Still, want more? Check out more mushroom motif suggestions below: 

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