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Mrs Hinch’s favourite power mop has £10 off – and it’s a steal

Follow the cleanfluencer’s lead for easy cleaning and a big saving. Result!

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When a cleaning product has the endorsement of Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch, you know it has to be a goody. Cleaning guru Sophie Hinchcliffe knows what she’s talking about when it comes to making a home pristine.

For cleaning floors, the Flash Powermop is a favourite of the cleanfluencer. What makes this mop worthy of the Mrs Hinch seal of approval? First off, it has cleaning solution built in, which makes it quick and easy to use, winning points from Sophie. It gets the dirt off effectively, too, she says, plus it smells ‘amazing’, she says.

The mop also scores points with Mrs Hinch because the pads can be recycled with the TerraCycle scheme. Other plus points of this nifty cleaner? It’s battery operated and is easy to store as the rubber handle balances it, or it can be hung up, she says.

Like the sound of cleaning up tiles, laminate and more with ease using this Mrs Hinch-recommended mop? You can snap one up at half price right now. Just scroll down for the deal. Check out our best mop advice, too, for a floor that’s free of grease and grime. 

Flash Powermop Starter Kit + 6 Pads | Was £29.99, now £19.99

Make like Mrs Hinch and get your floors gleaming the easy way. The mop contains dirt-dissolving solution to get the muck off the floor and lock it into the cloth, and it has a battery-powered trigger. This starter kit includes the mop plus six pads and batteries. It can be used on all hard, sealed surfaces.View Deal