These are the most expensive houses from your favorite Christmas movies

These are the best-loved homes from the movies we rewatch every Christmas – and their (hefty) price tags

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What is your all-time Christmas film? The one you rewatch every single year, even though you're not sure if it's actually any good? If you're over 30, chances are it's Home Alone (we know, we know, that masterpiece of cinema). If you're under 30, we bet it's Love Actually or The Holiday. Or maybe you like a more humorous approach to the whole watching movies at Christmas thing, and religiously rewatch Die Hard

Whatever warms your cockles when it's on a Christmas rerun on TV, recent research* reveals how much it would cost to buy the houses in those movies. Because let's face it, the main reason anyone still rewatches Home Alone 2 is to peek at the Home Alone house. And a large part of the charm of Love Actually are the beautiful, festive homes. Are we right? 

Oddly, Rob McCallister New York townhouse from Home Alone 2 is more expensive than its iconic counterpart from the first film. It would cost you
$10,389,095, or £7,903,555 to buy. However, it's not the most expensive property from a Christmas movie ever; that title goes to Walter Hobbs apartment from Elf – it would set you back $25,000,000, or £19,000,000. Yikes. 

If your ultimate dream is spending Christmas in one of the homes featured in The Holiday, you'd also need some serious cash. Amanda's home would cost $10,114,418 (£7,694,594) to buy, while Iris' home would be a mere steal in comparison at $1,306,878 (£994,214). 

Interestingly, not all Christmas homes featured in our favourite films are in the stratospherically expensive range. Mark's home from Love Actually could be yours for $1,036,930 (£788,850), which is about the price of an average apartment in New York/London these days. If you wanted Jamie's home, however, you'd need to stump up a whopping $3,484,205 (£2,650,627). 

Well, folks, after being thoroughly traumatised by these kinds of figures, we're off to watch Die Hard

*Research courtesy of Tombola.

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