Meet Nest Hello: Google's first video doorbell with facial recognition to be launched in the UK

With built in speakers, HD video and even it's own voice, is the Hello Nest doorbell the new must-have smart home gadget?

Nest Hello is Google's first smart doorbell to be launched in the UK
(Image credit: Nest)

Google’s new facial recognition video doorbell, the Nest Hello, is launching in the UK.

Initially released in the US in March, it’s Google’s first home security product line up to make it to the UK.

Nest Hello is a WiFi-connected smart doorbell that features a wide-angle camera and in-built speaker so users can see and speak to whoever is on their doorstep. It will send alerts to the user’s phone along with pictures of their front door and allows them to communicate through the doorbell from anywhere with internet connection. 

Nest’s most advanced feature however is the machine-learning technology. The doorbell can analyse the video footage from the front door and differentiate between visitors – it can decipher the difference between people just walking by, delivery people and guests, only sending alerts when it’s necessary. 

The Nest Hello is Google's first smart doorbell to be launched in the UK

(Image credit: Nest)

'Your front door is where home begins. It’s the entryway to special moments with family and friends – but also the most common way burglars enter your home,' says Lionel Guicherd-Callin, head of EMEA Product Marketing for Nest Labs. 'So we have designed a doorbell experience that makes your front door safe and secure, yet still feels friendly.'

There is also the added option to subscribe to Nest Aware (starting at £4 per month), which allows the user to use Google’s face recognition technology and name visitors, meaning they will be automatically identified when they arrive at the door. 

The smart doorbell can also connect to other smart home devices, such as Google Home and Google Assist speakers. If the visitor is recognised by the Nest Hello the speaker can announce who is at the door. 

The Nest Hello will cost £229 for DIY fitting powered by existing doorbell wiring and a 2MB WiFi connection, or is available with professional installation for £329.

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